Wednesday 15 January 2020

What I Got For My 25th Birthday

Just like that, another birthday is over and done with. Part of me is glad it's out of the way as there are always parts of it that I struggle with but on the whole, my birthday this year was brilliant. 25 felt like a big birthday to me so I knew I wanted to do something special and we decided on a trip to London to see a show, because you all know that's like my ultimate favourite thing to do nowadays. We went to see Les Miserables on my actual birthday and then the next day we headed to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and then we had a final few hours in London before heading home on Thursday so we packed a lot in. I'm going to do separate reviews of Les Mis and the Harry Potter tour as I have far too much to say about them both so those will be up later on in the week. For now though I wanted to share a few bits I got for my birthday. As I said in my What I Got For Christmas post, I know not everyone is a fan of these but I personally love them. Like with Christmas, George and I tend to just get each other a few bits for birthdays and then we just do something special instead so here's what I got.
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This year I got quite a few musical themed presents which is always going to be okay with me. I got the Les Miserables DVD which I've been wanting for a while, I absolutely love the film so now I can add this to my little theatre DVD stash. I also got the Dear Evan Hansen paperback which I've hinted and hinted about for months! I actually read the book on kindle in 2019 and it was my top book of the year actually so as I enjoyed it so much I really wanted the actual paperback to keep. It's got pride of place on my bookshelf and I'm just looking forward to re-reading it again before we see the show in April. I also got was this amazing Hamilton print! I've loved everything about the show, the music and the story for years now and every time I think about when we finally saw it in London in 2018, it just makes me so happy. I can't wait to put this up in my office this week. I'm also going to put up this little postcard that came with it which has a Dear Evan Hansen quote on it. Oh, I also got the Frozen 2 soundtrack which was played many, many times on the drive down to London. Does anyone else prefer Frozen 2 over the first film? I'm obsessed with the songs.
Dear Evan Hansen paperback book
Hamilton musical print
Next up is a book called The Chain by Adrian McKinty - 'The only way to get your child back is to kidnap another child'. I think this sounds amazing! I've heard only good things about it so far so I can't wait to get properly stuck into it.
The Chain book on blanket
Now onto the final few bits I got and let's start with this beautiful Ted Baker Gift Set. I'm such a huge fan of Ted Baker and I always keep an eye out for these sets around Christmas and New Year. This set has a bubble bath, body souffle, body wash and body spray and they all smell incredible. Their body sprays are always lovely so I'm so glad to have another now. I also got a few new bath bombs to try out including one from Bomb Cosmetics called No Problama, isn't it so pretty?! I absolutely love their bath bombs so I'm very excited for a little pamper evening with this later on in the week. I also got my fave Lily O'Brien's chocolates which of course have been devoured now!
No problama bath bomb
It goes without saying that I absolutely love everything I got, I just can't wait to get stuck into the books now! We always go for experiences rather than stuff when it comes to Christmas and birthdays but it's always nice to get each other a few bits that we know the other person is going to love. Being in London for my 25th just made it even more special and it really was a lovely few days. I now need to get writing my Les Mis review which will be up soon!

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Nic said...

Happy Bealted Birthday :)Looks like you got some lovely things for your birthday :)

Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

Hannah said...

Happy belated birthday!! It sounds like you had a fab time, and the Harry Potter studio tour looked like it was amazing from what I saw on your Instagram xx

Hannah | luxuryblush

jennyinneverland said...

Happy belated birthday! The Chain sound great! x


Heather Nixon said...

Happy belated birthday x

Daisy said...

Oh wow! Sounds like you received some amazing things! I have the Les Mis DVD too! One day I'll see it for myself. Haha! Happy belated birthday, lovely! xx

Lady Writes said...

So sorry I missed it but I hope you had a brilliant day x

Sophie said...

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely day. The Chain sounds like a great read x


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