Monday 20 April 2020

Easy Garlic & Herb Flatbreads Recipe

We're entering our fourth week of lockdown now in the UK so whilst it was all a bit crazy at the beginning, I'm weirdly getting used to this new normal. I mean, I can't wait for the day I can leave my home for something other than a walk with Bear but this is life now for at least a few more weeks so I'm just trying to find the positives where I can. I think we can all agree that the panic buying that went on when lockdown was first a rumour was a little bit ridiculous and even now some supermarkets still seem to be trying to get back on top. It meant so many things were out of stocks for weeks - I've only just been able to get pasta again and I really had to try and make the most out of the things we had in. Having more time at home aswell has meant I've been spending many days cooking and baking, more than ever before and one thing I've been loving making is flatbreads!
flatbreads on a plate
For some reason everyone turned into Paul Hollywood when the panic buying started and I'm still yet to find bread flour on the shelves. Of course with a cupboard full of baking ingredients, the one thing I never have is bread flour and the time I want it, there's absolutely none around. So that's where these easy garlic and herb flatbreads came into my life. I love a flatbread but I've always assumed they'd be difficult to make or require loads of ingredients. Well that's far from the case. I've tried a few different variations now but the recipe I'm about to share is adapted from one I saw on Amy Sheppard's Instagram and doesn't require bread flour! Every single thing she shares looks insanely delicious so make sure you head over to her page if you need some meal inspiration. Now here's how to make tasty garlic and herb flatbreads which can be used as a side for an array of meals.

200g plain flour
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
A sprinkle of pepper
1 tbsp olive oil
130ml milk
50g butter
2 garlic cloves, crushed or chopped
1 tsp Mixed herbs

1. First of all place 50g of butter in a small saucepan with your two crushed garlic gloves and a teaspoon of mixed herbs. Heat gently until the butter melts. Set aside
2. For your flatbreads, mix the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, a sprinkle of pepper, olive oil and milk in a bowl until it's combined and formed a dough
3. Gently knead your dough on a floured surface for 1 minute then divide into 6 equal sized pieces
4. Form each piece of dough into a ball then roll out on the floured surface until they are roughly the same size as a side plate
5. Heat a frying pan or griddle pan without any oil until hot. Use a pastry brush to brush both sides of the rolled out dough with the butter mix and then fry for around 2 minutes on each side (I found it easier to brush one side, put that side down on the hot pan and then brush the other side before flipping)
6. Once cooked and out of the pan, brush again with the butter mix on one side and enjoy!
flatbreads on the griddle pan cooking
diet coke chicken with rice and flatbreads
The great thing about these flatbreads is they go with so many meals and can be used in a variety of ways. They could replace naan bread with a curry or something like Diet Coke chicken which is the meal above. You could have them instead of garlic bread with meals like spaghetti and pasta bake or you could even use them for breakfast and create your own fakeaway style McDonald's cheesy bacon flatbread. You also don't have to add the garlic to your butter if you'd prefer them a bit plainer too. 

These are brilliant if you run out of bread or just want something different with a meal one night and they really don't take much time at all. This recipe makes 6 flatbreads so I usually make 4 at the time and leave the remaining dough covered in the fridge for the next day.

 I hope this has been useful if you're wanting to bake something new that you haven't tried before or if you've been looking for ways to replace items that aren't always as readily available in the shops anymore. Trust me, they are absolutely delicious.

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Hannah said...

Oh wow, these look amazing! I've never actually made bread before, so I must give these a go. Thanks for sharing xx

Hannah |

Lol said...

Homemade garlic bread is the best! xx

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jennyinneverland said...

Flatbread goes SO GOOD with so many meals! I had a cheese and garlic flatbread the other day and it was lush - although it was obviously store bought and not made! This looks fab <3 xxx


Nic said...

Thanks for sharing these look lovely, the recipe looks easy to do as well :)

Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

Heather Nixon said...

I need to make this flatbread x

Lady Writes said...

These look and sound absolutely delicious! x

Daisy said...

They sound super yummy!! Anything with garlic tends to taste delicious so will have to give these a go!

Sophie said...

I love flatbreads, so good! I've had such struggle finding GF flour as I ran out of a lot of my stocks doing my recipe a day May prep. Oddly the one thing there didn't seem to be a shortage of was bread flour x


Tiffany Timms said...

You should give them a try! They're so simple to make which I love about them xx

Tiffany Timms said...

I just love garlic bread haha xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Ahh that sounds amazing. I want to put these with everything now! xx

Tiffany Timms said...

It's really easy to follow! I'm always after the quick and easy recipes xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Thanks Bexa! He's always by my feet when I'm cooking or there's food on offer! xx

Tiffany Timms said...

I really hope you do! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Garlic is just one of the best ingredients xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Ahh that's strange, I couldn't find it for weeks! Luckily I didn't need it for these but now I've found some I'm excited to make some bread this week x

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