Friday, 10 April 2020

How To Update Your Home For Spring and Summer*

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I never really need much of an excuse to change up the decor in my home but when a new season starts, I always find that's the perfect time for it. I go from wanting darker tones and all the cosy blankets in Autumn and Winter to wanting things like fresh flowers and brighter colours in our home as soon as Spring starts. As we're fully in the midst of Spring now, though we may not be able to go out and enjoy it, I thought this would be a good time to share a few of my tips on how to brighten up your home for the warmer months, leading us into Summer.
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De-Clutter Each Room & Spring Clean

First of all a de-clutter of each room always helps, especially the one you spend the most time in. For us that's the living room so once Winter is out of the way I like to have a real sort through of everything ready for a fresh start for Spring. Just a few weeks ago we cleared out loads of DVD's and books that were taking up space on the shelves and now they look so much neater. I've also switched out a lot of my Autumn candles that I'd got through for some more seasonal appropriate scents and I just generally gave everything a really good clean. Whilst cleaning may not be fun, it can do so much good, not just to how your home looks but to how your mind feels afterwards too. I genuinely feel far calmer if our home is clean and tidy so that's something I always try to keep on top of.

New Windows

Changing the windows in your home is of course a very big job so not one to take on lightly but if it's something you've wanted to change anyway, now is the perfect time to get planning. With the help of Tuffx Glass, Infinity fixed roof lights can help with natural light which is ideal for this time of year when we want to let in as much light as possible for as long as we can. Tuffx Glass have over 25 years manufacturing experience, supplying places we all know and love such as M&S and Next but even places like Edinburgh Zoo! They have everything you could possibly need so definitely one to consider if you're keen on changing the windows on your home or adding in something new and unique.

Bring In Lighter Colours

A pop of colour can totally change a room and during Spring and Summer you can do so much to brighten up the space. Just re-painting the walls can make a huge difference but you can also switch the covers on your cushions to something a little lighter, take away any fluffy blankets from Autumn which we're sure not to need in the warmer months and maybe add in things that are pastel coloured for something a little different. I personally love the grey and light pink theme at the moment but yellow is of course a go to colour for Spring too.

Add In New Accessories

Aswell as adding in some colour from items like cushions and blankets, you can also add in a few new accessories to change up each room. As I've already mentioned I switched out my Autumnal scents for more fruity and floral candles instead and they just fill our whole home with a fresh and Spring-like feel. A personal favourite of mine at the moment is the Sweet Apple candle from M&S and it's a total bargain. I've also recently added in things like a gold mirrored tray to the coffee table which is ideal for candles and I'm so happy with it. You don't have to spend loads though. Just a fresh bunch of flowers makes such a difference to a room!

I hope this has given you a few ideas if you want to change up your home for the next few months of Spring and Summer. Do you like to change your decor with the seasons too?

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Heather Nixon said...

Definitely yes to bringing in new decor and lighter colours x

Hannah said...

I definitely need to have a declutter and a Spring clean, and now is such a good time to get it all done. Swapping the candles out is something else I've been meaning to do too. Great post xx

Hannah |

jennyinneverland said...

I never change anything up depending on the seasons but I always have a major de-clutter every Spring! It's one of my favourite things to do! x

rachel bustin said...

Fantastic tips, thanks. I love the idea of bringing in lighter colours. It makes such a difference.

Sophie said...

I never change up my decor for the seasons but it sounds like a nice idea to add some new accessories x


Gemma said...

I don't usually make much effort to change decor according to the seasons, but your ideas sound great. I have realised that I automatically change the candles because I'm not usually in the mood for winter fragrances during the sunnier months. And one benefit of lockdown is that it has given me the opportunity to spring clean my room - now it feels amazing!

Lady Writes said...

I painted my bedroom white last week and it feels SO much better! x

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