Monday 17 December 2018

7 Tips For A Great Night Out With Friends*

Everyone loves a good night out but more often than not, they never go as planned. Whether you end up having too much to drink, you struggle to get a taxi or people don't show up - nights out are sometimes more trouble than they're worth. If like me, you love to get together with your friends but don't want all the hassle, then you'll need these top tips for a great night out with friends or family.
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1. Get Together A Good Group Of Friends

When planning a night out inviting the right people is key. It may seem obvious, but the company you keep reflects on how much of a good time you have. Whether you prefer smaller groups or want to get the whole gang together - figuring out what kind of get together it's going to be is the first step to an incredible night. Don't forget to invite everyone well in advance, as chances are you'll all have incredibly busy schedules.

2. Go To Places You Love

Again, this may seem obvious but if you have a couple of favourite bars that you know you love, heading their first is always a good idea. You know you won't be disappointed by drink prices or a terrible DJ, so already you'll be ready for a good time. If towards the end of the night you fancy trying something new then there will be absolutely nothing lost.

3. Don't Do Rounds

Although it seems like an easier way to get the drinks in, getting rounds often puts pressure on people who may not be able to afford the same as everyone else. Having everyone else get their own drinks is a great way to ensure people don't end up spending too much and nobody misses their round or goes over their limit. If you want to know even more benefits of not doing rounds, you can visit this blog post here.

4. Know Your Limits

If there is one way to ruin a good night out with friends it's to have more than you can handle. Knowing your limits and sticking well within them means you can still have a good night without drinking more than you can handle. If you're lucky it may even prevent your hangover in the morning!

5. Ride In Style

Whilst getting a taxi is usually more affordable, riding in style is a great way to celebrate a special occasion for you and your friends. Whether you hire a seamless chauffeur or book yourselves a limo - it will certainly start your night off with a bang.

6. Have Fun

The most important thing to remember for a great night is to have fun! It's not often you get to go out with everyone, make the most out of it and make it a night you'll all remember.

Do you love a night out? What are your top tips for having a great time? Let me know in the comment section below!

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