Tuesday 18 December 2018

Nush Spreadable Vegan Cheese Review*

A major part of Christmas for me is the food. I absolutely love cooking anyway but there is something about this time of year that makes me want to get creating all sorts of yummy meals aswell as indulging in all the snacky food like crackers, pigs in blankets and festive flavoured crisps just to name a few things. A food I'm a huge fan of though, especially at Christmas time is cheese so I was thrilled to receive the new vegan spreadable cheese from Nush to try out a few weeks ago.
Nush spreadable cheese pots, Peter's Yard crackers, christmas props
Nush are an award winning brand who are known for producing the UK's first dairy-free, soya-free, nut milk yoghurt and they've now expanded into the cheese market, releasing a line of vegan spreadable cheese. Now, I'm a huge cheese fan, I eat it most days but I'm not vegan. Because of this I had absolutely no idea what to expect but I knew they would be great to try as part of a little festive cheeseboard once Christmas was well and truly under way.

The cheese spread is available in two varieties: Natural and Chive so let me tell you what I thought of each!


The first thing I wanted to mention about both of these pots is how decent the size is. I'm a big fan cheese spread anyway from various different brands but I do find sometimes the pots aren't huge therefore they run out pretty quickly in our home whereas these are 150g and I personally feel they last a lot longer. The chive spread has been made by churning bespoke, creamy almond milk with live vegan cheese cultures, British sea salt and of course fragrant chives to create a one of a kind dairy alternative. As soon as I opened this I was impressed with the consistency, the spread is quite thick which I liked as a problem I've found with other spreads in the past is that they can sometimes be quite runny and that just doesn't make me want to eat it so it goes to waste. It didn't take long for me to get stuck in with some Peter's Yard crackers (I featured those in my food and drink Christmas gift guide which you can find here if you want to know more) and I was pleasantly surprised! I loved the tangy chive flavour and whilst it was stronger than other cheese spreads I tend to go for, it complemented the plain crackers really well. This is such a great choice for lunches as it goes with so many things - bagels, jacket potatoes, canapes etc.
Nush chive cheese with Peter's Yard crackers


After indulging a little in the chive flavour, I tried out the natural version of the cheese spread which I enjoyed just as much. Again the thick consistency was perfect, it was great to scoop up with the crackers and I actually found it really filling too so whilst it's a great choice for something like a cheeseboard for everyone to share, you could easily get several lunches out of one pot too. Something I wanted to mention about both pots of the Nush spreadable cheese is that they are actually free from dairy, soya and gluten so they are great if you are intolerant to any of those but still want to indulge like everybody else over the Christmas period. Luckily I've never had any issues but I know cheese would be a massive loss to me if I did but at least now I know that Nush provide a tasty alternative that really don't make you feel as if you're missing out on anything. The natural flavour in particular too can be used for so many things, sweet and savoury dishes! - sauces, dips, pancakes, soups, cheesecakes and cake frosting. So versatile.
Nush natural cheese with Peter's Yard crackers
I've loved trying out the new vegan spreadable cheese from Nush and they were fab for a festive cheeseboard recently. I really do think they're a brilliant choice for any get together's or Christmas parties that you might be planning over the next few weeks and as they're so versatile you could create a number of innovate dishes with them. I'm personally keen on trying the natural flavour for a vegan cheesecake so if I do, I'll let you know how I get on! If you do want to pick these up yourself, they are available in Selfridges, Whole Foods & Planet Organic but a full stockist list an be found on the Nush website.
Nush natural vegan cheese and Nush chive vegan cheese
Have you tried any food from Nush before?

*Products provided for the purpose of this post

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