Wednesday 2 January 2019

What I Got For Christmas And A Round-Up Of The Day - 2018

I know some people don't like 'What I Got For Christmas' blog posts but I personally love reading them! I've done my own for a few years now so this year is no exception, I always enjoying writing about Christmas and I'm going to stretch it out for as long as I can! As always I'm not bragging with this post, I'm so grateful for anything I get, it's just nice to share a few things each year.
flatlay - Christopher Robin DVD, Rose Gold Tangle Teaser, M&S room spray, After Eight gift set
So, George totally spoilt me again. Though we always set ourselves a rough budget for each other (otherwise I'd definitely go a little mad, I just love Christmas shopping) we never really go for fancy things. I'm all about DVD's, books and chocolates so I was so incredibly pleased with every single thing I unwrapped.

One of the first gifts I opened was the Christopher Robin DVD. I adored this film when we saw it at the cinema earlier in the year, it took me right back to my childhood so now I can watch it over and over. Another special gift I unwrapped was a beautiful pin from Nutmeg and Arlo. It's a little puppy which reminds me so much of my beautiful Bouncer who I still miss so much every single day. I've got a nice little pin collection now so this is such a welcome addition, it's just so cute!
Christopher Robin DVD
Puppy pin from Nutmeg and Arlo
Now onto books because I'm getting through them so quickly at the moment! One that had been on my list for months and I'd got so close to buying several times was The Tattooist Of Auschwitz. This is a subject that has fascinated me since school so when I saw this book, I was intrigued straight away but all I've seen is amazing reviews since. I'm incredibly excited to read this next. Another book I got was Nine Uses For An Ex-Boyfriend. I added this to my Amazon list months ago and then completely forgot about it so I wasn't expecting this one at all! I love such a variety of genres and this one sounds like a perfect, light-hearted read.
The Tattooist Of Auschwitz Book
Of course there had to be chocolate! We tend to stock up on quite a lot of chocolate, biscuits, snacks etc in the run-up to Christmas anyway but we always buy each other a few bits too. I had no idea what I'd get this year but I was so happy to see mini Toblerone's which are just the best, we got through those so quickly, and also the little After Eight gift set is lovely! Mint chocolate is one of the best things in the world 💚💚💚
After Eight gift set and mini Toblerones
A few other bits I got from George that I wasn't expecting was a new calendar for my office, a beautiful Winter Spiced Apple room spray which I've been after for weeks, a new rose gold tangle teaser and a lovely Peach Bellini perfume I had no idea even existed! There was also my stocking too which was filled with lots of different chocolates and things like face masks which you can never have enough of!

Our Christmas was just so lovely and as always, it was so nice to spend the day together. We started off with our usual tradition of watching White Christmas whilst opening our presents, and of course a glass of Bucks Fizz. Is it really Christmas without it? We then had the nicest day which involved lots of chocolate, an incredible Christmas dinner if I do say so myself (I'm still dreaming about the roast potatoes) and lots of films which is what Christmas is all about for us. It was perfect, I just wish it didn't end so quickly.
White Christmas DVD
Bucks Fizz in front of the Christmas tree
Christmas tree and Christopher Robin on the TV
How was your Christmas? Did you get anything special?

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