Wednesday 16 January 2019

4 Things We Shouldn't Feel Guilty About*

I'd really love to know if anyone else has found that the older you get, the more judgemental people around you seem to become? From GCSE's at school to choosing whether to go to university or not and then pursuing your career - everyone seems to have an opinion, and don't even get me started on people thinking they have a right to know what you earn and when you'll be having children. I've definitely not done things the easy way since leaving college and the 'plan' I had pretty much disappeared but I'm kind of sick of feeling judged because of it. I think with society as it is nowadays and social media being what it is, we all get criticised no matter what we do but I'm done with feeling guilty of how I live with life. So, here are 4 things I don't think anyone should feel guilty about (though I could have probably added far more!)
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1. Wanting To Grow Our Social Media Platforms

As much as people say you shouldn't focus on the numbers when it comes to social media, as a blogger it's pretty hard not to. Whilst I agree it can sometimes be easy to get a little bit obsessed with it and almost too focused, I don't think keeping track of where you're at and setting yourself goals each year is a bad thing. Some people blog for fun but others treat their blog as a business and so kind of need to be aware of their follower count. I've seen many people comment online about how numbers don't matter and whilst I completely agree they aren't the be all and end all and I think the quality of your blog and your content is just as important, if not more, I'm not going to feel guilty for wanting to grow my social media platforms anymore. We're allowed to want to see results for the hard work we put in!

2. Changing Things We're Unhappy With

This applies to a number of things in life but the main one I see a lot of criticism over is cosmetic surgery. Now I'm not saying there's anything I'm desperate to change or would be brave enough to actually go forward with but I know many people online and who I've grown up with that have had certain procedures done and it has changed their life. Women, especially seem to get frowned up if they've had any work done as people just think you should love the body you're in no matter what, and whilst that would be nice, that's not the case for everyone. Whether you require dental services because you're insecure about the state of your teeth and want to be able to smile properly again in photos, or if it's something a little more personal, who are we to judge what one person does with their body? One small change could give them a much needed confidence boost.

3. Your Living Situation

I think no matter what your living situation is, whether you're living at home with parents, in a student flat, renting or have a mortgage, there will always be someone ready and waiting to criticise you. I think it's one of those things where if you're not doing exactly as everybody else is, or how they expected, then it's wrong. People who still live with family are made to feel guilty as it's just a given apparently that you don't pay rent and get everything done for you, but sorry that's not the case for everyone. Those who are renting like me, can sometimes find people judge because to them it's just common sense that you save for a deposit and buy a house. Many times I've felt embarrassed or guilty that we've been renting for years whereas other people I have know have already bought their first home, but I like my home! I'm not going to be made to feel bad anymore. No one knows the reasons why people choose to do what they do, and frankly it's none of their business.

4. Not Drinking

This is a big one for me and one that I find crops up at least a few times a year if there are occasions or events. It's just expected that you drink and if you don't, people think there's a big reason why. I'm not saying I'm teetotal, I do love a glass of prosecco every so often and in Summer sometimes it's nice to sit somewhere and have a drink but the majority of the time I'm just not about that life. I find alcohol can sometimes set my anxiety off and in the past I've found it's just not been worth it. I like to think I'm still pretty fun without the drink but I get the impression a lot of people assume you're boring or just a bit weird if you don't drink and I am beyond tired of it. Just leave people alone! I hate that some people feel they are entitled to know your entire life story and your reasons for saying no. You don't owe anyone an explanation.

I hope this hasn't come across like just one big rant, I'm just quite passionate about all 4 of these things and I think they're all something different people will be able to relate to. Let me know though if you agree with any of them or if you have any other experiences you want to share.

*This post is in collaboration with Tooth-Doctor

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