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2018 - A Reflection And Round-Up Of The Year

At the start of a new year, I always like to look back over the previous year and reflect a little on what it was like and talk about some of my highlights. I've done this for a few years now and I always like to write these up as it gives me an excuse to go back over all the exciting and happy things, which is always nice as sometimes it can be easy to just focus on the doom and gloom, especially if you're a bit of a pessimist like me. Whilst not every single month in 2018 was amazing, and some were pretty boring to be honest, I think good can be found in just the normal everyday so I'm going to try and pick a few of my favourite memories for each month before I get started on some new posts for this year.
new year collage


January started with celebrating my birthday. I've mentioned a few times in the past that it's never really a day I look forward to for various reasons but I do find it gets a little bit easier each year so turning 23 actually wasn't too bad. The thing that made me happiest on the day was walking into the living room to see it had been decorated like the episode of the US Office where Dwight and Jim decorate the conference room for Kelly's birthday. There was a 'it is your birthday' banner and half inflated balloons and it was just so funny to wake up to. We also had such a nice meal out that day and I ate so much cake, but that's what birthdays are about. Later on in the month we were celebrating again as it was George's birthday and this was when we finally got round to seeing The Greatest Showman. I don't think either of us went in expecting to love it quite as much as we did, but it really was brilliant. This was also the month we started to think about planning/booking our honeymoon too.
Pizza Hut chocolate waffles


February was a great month blog wise. I was so proud to work with some amazing brands like Gemporia and Crafted Drinks and I also created a recipe for Peanut Butter Brownies with Taffy Mail which was so much fun. I feel like that was a month I really upped my game with my blog photos too which has been a massive struggle for me since the beginning. I'm just not that creative so sometimes trying to come up ideas for products can take such a long time but I was so motivated that month and I'm so happy with the work I produced. As always in February, we celebrated Valentines Day our usual way, with a trip to the cinema to see the new Fifty Shades film and a gorgeous meal at home. It was the final film of the series so it was #emosh.
Peanut Butter Brownies


March ended up being a really lovely month for a few different reasons. Number one, George got a promotion which was so exciting, he works so hard so it was thoroughly deserved. Unfortunately the snow put a stop to our plans for celebrating but it was nice to spend some quality time together at home and to get planning for the future. That month we also had a date day to Leeds, which almost didn't happen, again due to the snow but we got there and I'm so glad we did. We had such a nice day of shopping, buying far too much from the Lindt store and having a cute little coffee date. Oh, and that month we also booked our honeymoon to Paris! We were very torn between a few places but Paris just felt right and it was such an exciting time for us.
The Yorkshire Soap Company, Leeds


April started with allll the chocolate on Easter weekend. I think it's a rule you have to go a little bit crazy over Easter isn't it? Well I did anyway, I JUST LOVE EASTER EGGS OKAY. April was also a good month for baking too, something I'd definitely not done enough in the first few months of the year and I love some of the recipes I tried. Later on in the month, we visited York for the first time for our minimoon which was just heavenly. We had the most incredible time, it really is a stunning city and I've wanted to go back ever since. We stayed at The Grand Hotel which was incredibly fancy for us but the perfect place to celebrate being newlyweds.


The month didn't start off that well as I was cooped up in bed ill but it soon got better once our honeymoon came around. We stayed in Paris for 3 nights so we got almost 4 full days to explore the beautiful city which was the perfect amount. It was our first trip abroad together so that was lovely in itself but being there as a married couple was just so special. We got to see all of the main attractions, the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, The Louvre, Champs Elysees and so many more. I'd love to go back one day. A week after getting back we also had a night in London. We saw the musical Kinky Boots which was just everything. I fell totally in love with it and I think it's probably my favourite show out of all the ones we've seen so far.
The Louvre, Paris


This was a really quiet month but it was needed after a busy few weeks previously. Summer started though which I absolutely hate. Does anyone else hate the warm weather? I know most people tend to love it and hate the colder months but surely I can't be alone. I just want it to be cold and rainy all year round. Not much happened personally that month but I was really proud of my blog. I secured some great brand collaborations, I started my travel guides and I also wrote a post about musical theatre and why I don't feel embarrassed talking about it anymore which I'm really glad I decided to publish. June ended better than it started as this was the month we booked Hamilton tickets. It's such an expensive show and one that sells out quickly so once we found some good seats for a reasonable price for our wedding anniversary of all days, it was like fate. It was also the month George got a new job too which was perfect for many reasons so I was incredibly proud. It ended up being a great year work-wise for George and I know I don't say it enough, but I am SO thankful for everything he does for us.
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We started July by celebrating our 7th anniversary with a lovely few days off together. It came around so fast again, I can't believe it's getting closer to 10 years! The longer we've been together, each year just seems to go by quicker and quicker. July was a good month for films, we had quite a few cinema dates but my favourite was Mamma Mia Here We Go Again. I sobbed like a baby at the end.
photo collage flatlay


The main thing that happened in August was George and I spent almost a week in Manchester which was actually the longest we've spent anywhere together! We tend to go back around Christmas time for a night for the Xmas markets but as George had to go down for work all week, I tagged along. Having quite a few days there meant I could really chill out as I'd had quite a few stressful weeks beforehand. I ventured out each day for lunch, did a little bit of shopping and I also had time to work on my blog too which was nice. We also had a few evenings out too including a trip the Trafford Centre which I absolutely loved.
The Trafford Centre, Manchester


I really got into the autumnal spirit in September. That is the month where I can start to think about Christmas so I always look forward to it. The autumn props came out for my photos so therefore I loved all of the photos I posted much more than ones over the Summer, and again I had some great collaborations. In fact, not to be big-headed or anything like that, but September and October were my best months since I'd gone self-employed and it honestly felt amazing. I worked so hard so it meant I did treat myself a little more than usual whilst still being able to plan and save for a few other trips which just made me feel so proud.


We had another trip to London in October which was lovely as it meant I had got a few days to myself to explore my favourite city. Whilst George was working, on one of the days I took myself to Notting Hill for the first time and I was so proud of myself. Whilst I adore London and feel so at home there, it was the furthest I'd travelled out to alone but I had such a good day! It was so nice to find some of the film locations from Notting Hill and Paddington and the houses were just beautiful. I can't wait to go back there in future with George too. We also saw Heathers the musical during that trip which was insane. I genuinely left a little bit deaf.
Tower Bridge, London


After finishing October with a cinema trip to see A Star Is Born (I'm still not over it) a few days later we were back to see Bohemian Rhapsody which was outstanding. They've done such a good job but wow, it was emotional at times! The main thing that happened in November was that we had a date day to Manchester and went back to the Christmas markets as we'd not been to them for a few years. We ate so much delicious food and it was just the perfect way to get in the festive spirit. It wasn't too long after that the Christmas decorations went up, I just couldn't resist! In November I also found out I'd got through to the second stage of the UK Blog Awards which I never, ever expected. It was so nice to be nominated and even though voting has closed now, thank you so much if you did vote!
Manchester Christmas Market


As you might imagine, December was all about Christmas and I'm genuinely so sad it's all over now. The month featured many movie nights with all the festive films - Elf, Love Actually (far too many times), The Holiday, The Santa Clause, Arthur Christmas and so many more. The main thing in December though was our first wedding anniversary. I have no idea how we've already been married for a year, it's absolutely flown by but we celebrated in the best way - by taking a trip to our favourite place, London and seeing two shows. Hamilton was everything I had hoped and more, and Kinky Boots was as fabulous as ever. Then once we were home, it was time for Christmas. All the roast potatoes, festive chocolates, TV specials and just quality time together. The best month.
Covent Garden, London
So that's my 2018 round-up! Whilst it was an up and down year for many reasons, mainly anxiety being the main negative thing which decided to linger at several times, overall I was so much happier and we did so many exciting things. We had several trips to London which always makes me happy, our amazing honeymoon, our first visit to York, we decorated parts of our home and so much more. I loved looking back over the year and picking some highlights. I just hope 2019 is as good, if not better 🤞

How was your 2018? What were some of your highlights?

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