Saturday 5 October 2019

My Packing Tips For Moving House*

We all know moving house can be seriously stressful. The last time George and I moved, which was in 2014, we had a bit of help when it came to packing and unloading everything but the next time, which hopefully won't be too far in the distant future, it's likely to be 10x more work. We've accumulated a LOT of stuff in this flat and I'm already dreading having to pack it all up and start again. I'm hoping to get sorted as early as possible though, making the process far simpler for everyone involved. Aswell as that I have a few other ideas in mind for packing and moving so keep reading if you want to know more!

Check Which Packing Materials You Need

Before even getting started on actually packing, you need to make sure you've actually got all the materials you need. Last time we collected so many random boxes from corners shops but they all came in handy and I'm sure we'll end up doing the same next time too. These are great to store in one room and take out as and when you need them. You'll also need to try and estimate how many boxes you're likely to need for each room and make sure you're clear which boxes have fragile items in as you don't want to be unwrapping broken items on your first day in your new home! It's also good to stock up on tape, newspaper and bubble wrap, just to take extra care when it comes to packaging everything up.

Pack Early

So, let me just expand on what I mentioned at the start of this post. I'm not going to go crazy and get packing our whole life up into boxes months and months in advance but once we've secured a new home, I'll definitely be making a start on the rooms we don't use as often. For us the living room and kitchen are our main areas, whereas the office isn't something that's used every single day. I'd likely start packing up little unimportant bits that I know I won't miss for a while, really as soon as I could. With the amount of stuff we have, each room is going to take days to sort through so any room we can pack up early and get stored away will help us massively.

Consider The Larger Items & Electricals

Whilst all the home decor bits and smaller items from around the home can be packed away into boxes and shipped from your current home to your next place pretty easily, the larger items like the fridge, washing machines, beds etc are all going to require more time set aside. With us currently renting we won't have loads of major appliances to take with us, as they're not ours to take, but for those that do it's important you get prepared before moving day. Furniture will need to be disassembled - make sure all parts are stored together and screws and smaller fittings are in one bag. Fridge & freezers will need time to defrost beforehand, and disconnecting a gas oven will need to be sorted weeks in advance as it requires a gas engineer to visit. A tip would be to make a list of all the larger appliances in your home and gradually go through them all, making sure you know exactly what needs doing and when, and are clear on what is staying or going.

Make Sure You've Hired A Removal Van

If you're going to need help getting from one place to the other on moving day, make sure you book a removal van in advance. There are endless options available in each city but depending on where you're based, The Man Van London are a great company to reach out to. They provide a reliable and professional service meaning they can get all your precious items safely to your new home. We're definitely going to be needing a man and a van next time we move as I'm not sure our small car alone will hold much at all!

So that's 4 of my packing tips for moving house. It's never something that's guaranteed to go perfectly and all sorts of things can crop up on the actual day but making sure you've got started early and have done as much prep as possible, will help things go far smoother than they might have otherwise!

*This post is in collaboration with The Man Van

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Jane said...

SlothMove Saying,
One of the first items you can pack from the kitchen are wine and alcohol bottles. Again, check how much it would cost to transport them and if the cost for the move exceeds their price, it’s better to offer them to friends. Pack all the bottles you don’t plan on opening between packing and moving day. You can also pack ahead of the move food items in sealed glass bottles, like oils and vinegar.

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