Thursday 23 August 2018

My Tips For Moving House Smoothly*

Whilst George and I aren't planning on moving house for another year or two yet, I do sometimes think about what our next home will be like and just how we'll manage to get all of the things we've accumulated in our nearly 4 years in this flat, to another place. It's no secret that moving house is stressful and last time it was a real eye-opener but there are definitely things you can do to ease that stress. Here are my tips for ensuring that you get into your new home as smoothly as possible, all of which I'll be ensuring we properly take on board next time.
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Do a massive clear out 

Before anything else when you know you're going to be moving, do a huge clear out! Whenever you've lived somewhere for a while, you accumulate so much stuff, a lot of it you probably don't need or even realise you had so if it's no use, get rid. When it came to moving last time we went through every single thing and we were ruthless. A new home is a fresh start so you don't want to be clogging it up straight away.

Start packing asap 

After a clear out, I think it's vital you get packing straight away. No leaving it until the last minute and then panicking it won't all be done in time! Just like with holidays, I get started on packing weeks in advance and that means when it gets closer to the time, everything is pretty much done already and there's no need for any stress. If you have things you know you won't wear before the move, or things you won't use, get them in a box and out of the way. This also goes for seasonal bits too. When it comes to moving day and everything is already done, you'll be so thankful you started early.

Clean your new house before you move in 

This is something I really wish we had done last time but we just didn't have the chance. I've now learnt from that mistake and will definitely be ensuring we spend time in our next home before properly moving in. If renting, the landlord/estate agents will have a responsibility to ensure your new home is clean but as we learnt last time their version of clean isn't always like yours. We walked in to quite clearly unhoovered carpets, marks on the walls and a general feel it had not been touched in weeks and whilst yes we could do all of these things ourselves, having to do it on the day we were unloading all of the boxes in, when we'd been promised things, made for a lot of stress. Our flat is lovely and I've probably made it sound worse than it was, but on that first day it just wasn't as tidy/clean as we'd expected or maybe just not to our standards, but I definitely think from now on having a day in the new home to deep clean everything and get it ready will be so helpful.

Consider if you need help/removal company

Moving house is serious hard work so it's important you consider if it's really something you can do with little help or if you need to hire a removal company or a man with a van. It's important to think about this early on as if you do need help taking your belongings from one place to another, you'll have to do your research, compare prices, check availability and get something booked in. Last time we moved to Sheffield, we had help from family but it was still really hard work and next time I just don't see how we could do it without hiring someone. Hiring a removal company or a man and van in Sheffield will mean they can be there to load and unload the van, take care of any big items of furniture and get you moved in far quicker than you might be able to otherwise.

Take time off 

Obviously this might not be something everyone can do for lots of reasons but if there is a chance of you getting time off work so you can move, do it! Last time George only managed to get one day off around the time of the move which meant it was all done at once (part of the reason we couldn't get in to clean) and then the next day I was in this new place alone trying to make it a home. This meant it took far longer to get each room sorted and how we wanted and that meant it took much longer to settle in. Whilst nothing could be done about getting more time off work, because I had to do a lot of it by myself that first week, I really struggled to get comfortable with the place and it took months and months for me to finally feel settled and like it was home. I think if you can get a few days to take your time moving in, decorating each room and enjoying your time there, it will make a world of difference.

Plan each room before you move 

It's likely when you choose your new home you'll have ideas for each room but I think it's really important to come up with a rough plan once you know your move is confirmed. This way you can really start getting excited and prepared. You may need to figure out what furniture can be taken with you, what needs packing or what needs buying to suit this new place, you just don't want to get there and not have a clue how you want it to be, as like I just mentioned, this only adds time to getting settled. We already have a few ideas in mind for the next time we move, we want a bigger kitchen, a garden, I think we're set on the colour scheme we'll go for the bedroom and we've even thought about spare rooms in case we are lucky enough to grow our family. I've always wanted a big family so I've thought many times about what their rooms would be like when we get a bigger place and with the help of stores like Children's bed shop, it will be easy to bring those ideas to life.

As moving house can be such hard work, it's not something I'm keen to do often which is part of the reason we're holding off at the moment, but hopefully with these tips it will make life a bit easier when we do finally take that step. I also hope these are helpful for you too if you're planning a move any time soon.

Do you have any other ideas to help move as smoothly as possible?

*This post is in collaboration with Children's Bed Shop

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