Thursday 16 August 2018

My Favourite Blog Posts #3

With blogging I find it can be so up and down sometimes. As I mentioned in my blogging slump blog post, it can be so easy now to compare yourself to others and feel like you're not good enough but YOU ARE. We all are and we all bring something different to blogging. Whilst I do struggle sometimes and put myself down either about how my blog looks, my posts or my social media (which is completely normal) I do also have times where I am so incredibly proud of what I've achieved and can't believe blogging was something I once knew nothing about. I still stand by what I've said many times that starting a blog is the best thing I've ever done and every so often I do like to have a read back through some of my posts. I've done two posts like this where I've gone through and picked some of my favourite posts from the previous year and I thought it was about time for another. So here are 8 posts I'm really proud since 2017, I'll leave links to them all in you want to give any of them a read.
My favourite blog posts including musical theatre, christmas adverts, tips for improving DA, London, York and getting married

We Got Married 

This had to be at the top of this list. I still remember posting about being engaged after such a special weekend so to finally be able to say we were married after what felt like forever of saving and planning before just making the jump, was amazing. It was a pretty short blog post but I love reading it back as I know just how happy and excited I was.

Planning a Small Wedding 

Following on from the wedding post, not too long after I posted my tips for planning a small wedding. I'd actually love to do more wedding related posts as they make me so happy and this one seemed to be really helpful for a few people. When planning a wedding as small as ours (literally George and I and two witnesses) it can be hard to find out much information as lots do go for the traditional wedding so I hope if you want a small wedding too, you find that post useful. I also really love reading it back too just because we really did do it our own way and it was exactly like we'd hoped.

Why I Love Musical Theatre and Why I'm No Longer Embarrassed by it 

Since 2016 I'd been posting a few theatre posts here and there, usually just when I'd been to see a show or something similar but this year as my love for all things musical theatre grew, I just wanted to share that on my blog. After really struggling with blogging for a while and not knowing what to talk about anymore, I decided I just needed to stop worrying so much about what other people thought and just post about what I truly love and musical theatre is one of those things. This post about why I no longer feel embarrassed about it anymore got such a great response and since then I've only felt even more compelled to talk about musicals and I've thoroughly enjoyed every post I've put out about it since. Seeing my first ever West End show, Wicked a few years ago just sparked something in me I never knew was there and now I can't imagine being without it.

Five Years From Now Book Review

 I've absolutely adored reading more this year, after such a long time not even considering picking up a book. At the moment I love nothing more than getting cosy in bed or on the sofa with a nice drink and a good book, it's such an escape and really chills me out. As I've been reading more, I've ventured into book reviews on my blog and like with musical theatre, it's something I'm so glad I've started talking about more. Out of all of the book reviews I've done recently, the one that stands out to me is Five Years From Now. I've lost count of the amount of times I've spoken about this since I finished it but it was outstanding. I was gripped from the beginning and heartbroken by the end of it and I genuinely still think about it now months later! I think you can tell in my review just how much I loved it, or I hope so anyway because I genuinely couldn't recommend it enough. The author herself has also read the review and tweeted me which made my week!

2 Nights in York

 I love love love a weekend break. Just a few days every so often for George and I to get away and relax is always something nice to look forward to and York was a place I'd dreamed about for so long. After getting married we thought instead of doing a big honeymoon, why not do a few little breaks instead? So we started with 2 nights in York, then the next month we had 3 nights in Paris and then finally a week later, a night in London to see a show. I love that we did it like this and got to celebrate in a few different places, each one I adored for different reasons. York was such a breathtakingly beautiful place and I've been so keen to go back since. Though we saw pretty much everything in those few days, I wish we'd had more time there, it was everything I hoped it would be and more.

A Christmas Trip To London 

How could I talk about my favourite blog posts and not include one from London? As long as we keep going to London, I'll keep talking about it in one of these because it really is my favourite place in the entire world. Though we've been in 2018 too, the trip towards the end of 2017 is one I look back on so fondly. It was a very spontaneous trip as George had a last minute work trip and it just worked out that I could go with him too, and as I'd been feeling quite low at the time, it was perfect. Though it was a work trip for George we really made the most of it, from having the full day on the Sunday to visit our favourite places and then see Winter Wonderland for the first time which was amazing, to having the full day on the Monday to myself before heading home, it was just lovely. I'm so comfortable in London that I really don't struggle at all by myself, in fact you'd think with anxiety it might be the opposite but it's like home to me and I had the most wonderful day by myself walking around London Christmas shopping and just sitting taking in the views. I think about it a lot actually and just remembering how happy I felt at the time and how at home I was, just makes me smile.

The Christmas Advert Hype 

I loved this idea for a post! Every year I get so excited for the Christmas adverts to start and last year I decided to put some of my favourites into a post. It definitely didn't do as well as I hoped it would but I don't even care, I love it and I'm so glad I wrote it. I remember so clearly the first John Lewis Christmas advert George and I ever saw together (it was the snowmen) and since then it's been something I look forward too as soon as Autumn hits, there's just something really special about it.

My Tips For Improving DA

 I've posted quite a few blogging tips posts recently but one I'm really proud of is one all about DA. The reason I'm so happy with it is because just over a year ago I genuinely had no idea what DA was let alone know how to begin growing it but after lots of hard work, it started rising and improving as time went on and I felt like for once I had something I could help others with! My tips weren't groundbreaking, as with all of my tips posts, it's quite basic but those are what I personally need so I hope if you're the same and can't be doing with anything complicated, it helped.

I think it's so important every once in a while to go back through your blog and re-read some of your old posts. As hard as we might be on ourselves sometimes, blogging is such an incredible thing and we should all be so proud of what we create.

Do you often go back through your blog?

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