Thursday 30 August 2018

How to make the most out of a small bathroom - my experience and tips*

When George and I first moved into our flat, the bathroom was the one room we were unsure about. At the time we just needed our own space so we said yes to the flat and we just thought well we can redecorate the bathroom once we're settled...4 years on we have only just got round to it! As our last month has been spent re-decorating, I thought I'd share some of my tips for getting the best out of your bathroom and how you can make it a room perfect for those cosy pamper nights this Autumn.
Bath board, candle, shower gel

Check if anything needs replacing

Before making a start on painting, we looked at the bigger picture with the bathroom - what other things we wanted to change or could do with replacing. We didn't want to go straight in with painting and then realise, actually what about this, this and this. This way we could come up with a plan of which order to do things in and find replacements ready to go in afterwards. Sometimes you don't even realise until it comes to re-decorating major things that need changing, for example with Autumn and Winter coming up, no one wants a weak, cold shower. One thing that can help with this is installing a twin impeller shower pump which ensures you get the shower you deserve every time, especially in the colder months.

Deep clean 

If you don't want to go ahead with fully redecorating the room, sometimes a deep clean can have a massive impact. A decent scrub, dust and polish of everything in the bathroom from the grout in the floor tiles to the windows can leave the room looking brand new and I personally find a clean like this really makes it feel so much bigger and brighter.

Paint the room a different colour

I've mentioned briefly before that the bathroom was kind of a luminous green which is certainly not a colour we would have chosen so it was always something we planned to change. We decided to go for a deep purple and I absolutely love it. As it's quite a small bathroom, both of us trying to paint in the middle of a heatwave was testing to say the least but now it's finished I'm thrilled with the finished look. I actually don't hate it when I walk into the room anymore and I just wish we'd done it sooner. Though we haven't made loads of changes, just changing the colour of the room and adding in some accessories to match has really made it our own. The great thing with painting is that you can change it every few years if you get bored and that way it always stays fresh and exciting.

Storage solutions

When you have a small bathroom, room for things like beauty products, towels etc, is limited so it's important to find storage that can hold everything but not take up too much precious space. In our bathroom we already had a mirrored cabinet on the wall from the start which holds skincare but we still had endless bottles of shower gel and hair products. We picked up an under the sink cabinet and this has saved us on so much space. It tucks under the sink perfectly so it's not in the way at all and it's such a decent size for all of our products. I just then take a few out that I want to use at the time meaning not everything is cluttered around the bathroom. Aswell as this I also have a little basket next to the bath that I use for products like bath bombs, this way they're not just hanging around.

Add in new accessories

One of my favourite things about re-decorating a room is getting to buy lots of new accessories! I've actually been pretty restricted with the bathroom so far but I've added in a few bits over the last few weeks. Candles are a must for me and one I picked up from Homesense last week goes perfectly. I also have things like small vases with fake flowers in which are really simple but add a lovely touch to the room and finally a bath board for my products and magazines is perfect for when I'm having a pamper night.
Plum bathroom
Products including Herbal Essence Conditioner, Bilou Shower Foams and Imperial Leather shower gel
Homesense DW Home Candle
If you also have a small bathroom, I'd love to know what you've done to try and maximise the space. We'd definitely still love something bigger one day but for now I think we've done well with what we have and as I said, just adding in a different colour has made the world of difference!

*This post is in collaboration with Pump Sales Direct

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