Monday 27 August 2018

Bomb Cosmetics Splash Bath Blaster Review

I have meant to put this post up so many times over the last month or so! I picked up this Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb from The Yorkshire Soap Company when we were in York in April and whilst I did use it about a month later, I've had so many other posts that ended up going live before this one but it's finally here. As I soon as I used this bath bomb, I knew it would be a great one to review so I was always going to get this posted eventually.
Bomb Cosmetics Splash Bath Blaster
First of all The Yorkshire Soap Company stores are legit the dreamiest shops ever! I love that they stock Bomb Cosmetics as they're so affordable and do such a range of pretty products. I love bright bath bombs like this so as soon as I spotted Splash, I knew it would be perfect for me. They always make the water look so pretty and if I'm going to spend money on a bath bomb, I want it to be worth it and I find ones like this usually are. What I also loved about it before I even used it was the scent, I could smell it through the packaging when I picked it up in the shop and I had to have it. It contains eucalyptus oil meaning it had a very fresh scent and it actually reminded me a lot of mens aftershave, which I absolutely loved, is that weird? It was such a strong scent and definitely the type of bath bomb I'd usually reach for, I'd buy it again just for the smell of it alone. It did also really impress me though once I put it into the bath. It didn't fizzle out straight away which I was happy about as I hate it when they disappear within seconds and then it turned the water into a beautiful turquoise colour. It wasn't a bath bomb that had loads of pretty patterns emerging from it like the latest one I tried from Lush, April Showers, but the colour was stunning and the brightness of it just seemed to intensify as it bubbled away.
Bomb Cosmetics Splash Bath Blaster in the water
I didn't find it particularly did much to my skin in terms of softness like some other bath bombs do but I wasn't disappointed by that. Some bath bombs are more about the colour and some are more known for their skin benefits and this was the former. I haven't actually been able to find this on the website for a while but I hope it comes back as it's definitely one of the best I've ever used. I loved everything about it and for £3 you can't go wrong!

Have you tried any bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics?

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