Monday 6 August 2018

5 Year Travel Bucket List

When having a bit of a blog reading session last month I noticed a post from Steph who wrote about her 5 year travel bucket list and I absolutely loved the idea so I thought I'd take note of my list too. Make sure you give her post a read as she mentioned some incredible places in her post! I've posted more travel content than ever on my blog this year and I've absolutely loved it. At the moment I'm constantly thinking about booking a holiday or just escaping for a few days somewhere in the UK, honestly anything will do, so because of that I'm finding myself wanting to write more and more about travel. There are so many places I'd love to visit one day and within the next 5 years there is a real mix of things I'd like to do from the UK all the way to America.
5 Year Travel Bucket List Including New York, Greece, Edinburgh, Isle Of Wight, Amsterdam

New York

How could it not be on this list? Out of all of the places in America, it has always been New York that has stood out to me. I mean BROADWAY! Given my pretty intense love for all things musical theatre at the moment, I'd love to see a few shows over there and see how they compare. They've also had loads of new shows starting too like Waitress and Dear Evan Hansen which we're not lucky enough to have in London just yet so I guess I just have to go and see them there don't I? 😉 Aswell as that though I'm so keen to properly explore the city and take in that once in a lifetime experience. From the Statue of Liberty to Times Square, the Empire State Building to the 911 Memorial, New York is overflowing with things to do and places to see.


Not too long ago I wrote about my dream road trip through Germany which might sound a bit random but I stick by that and it's really something I'd love to do at some point over the next few years. After being born there and briefly going back as a teenager to visit, I think it's a must for George and I, to show him the places I'll have been as a baby and where I lived. I've not given it loads of thought in the past but it's a pretty interesting thing about me I suppose and I feel like I need to go back at some point. There is also SO much more to do there than you might think in each city and also as we have a huge love for Christmas and regularly visit Christmas Markets when we can, how could it be better than one in Germany?

Isle of Wight

This is another place I visited when I was younger and I know for a fact that at the time I didn't take in as I should have but it's absolutely beautiful! I'm really keen one Summer to do a classic caravan holiday, especially because I'm hoping by our next holiday we'll have a dog (fingers crossed) and visit some of the incredible places we have in the UK. Who says you need to go abroad when we have so much more here than we often realise? I've spoken a bit more about the Isle of Wight in particular in this post if you want to have a read.


Yet another place I've visited in the past but it's somewhere George has never been before and it really is such a breathtaking place. The weather is incredible, if you want a decent tan, trust me it's the place to go and there are some really wonderful places to take a day trip out too. For a while we've thought about a relaxing break in somewhere in Greece and at the moment I'd do anything for a week there, there is nothing better than being in that pool when it's boiling hot with unlimited ice cream. Heaven.


I briefly mentioned Christmas markets earlier and one I've loved the look of for a while now is one in Edinburgh. I'm sure it's incredible all year round but there is just something about going away at Christmas that makes me so happy and I think it's definitely a contender for a little Christmas break one year. I love being away when it's cold and then getting back to the hotel feeling all festive! I've read some great blog posts recently from Chloe and Abbey about their time in Edinburgh and they have only made me want to go even more!


This was actually somewhere we considered for our honeymoon and I'm not lying when I say we were set on it up until the night before booking. In the end we went with Paris instead which was incredible in so many ways but I'd still love to visit Amsterdam too one day. It's been on my list for a while, it looks like such a picturesque city and it's full of history. I'd love to make a visit to Anne Frank's house if we ever go and also some of the famous museums.

Writing this has only increased my wanderlust, I just want to travel all the time! I have no idea where we'll go next but hopefully we'll get some of these places ticked off in the not too distant future. I'd love to know if you've visited any of them and what you thought? What would be on your 5 year travel bucket list?

'Life is short, the world is wide. I wanna make some memories.'

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