Monday 7 October 2019

What Keeps You Up At Night? - My 5 Tips For Getting A Good Night's Sleep*

Ahh sleep. Me and sleep have a very turbulent relationship. Have done for a good few years now. That's not to say I don't love it, who doesn't? but the actual falling asleep bit? That's what I struggle with. I've said many times before on my blog that insomnia is something I've struggled with and whilst at the moment I seem to have managed to keep it at bay for a while (I think having a puppy helps!) that's not to say some nights I don't lie awake for hours on end. According to a recent survey by, it seems I'm not the only one either. 
autumnal flatlay - orange scarf as background, yellow book on left side, and purple to the right, small candles and nail polish placed around with fake autumn leaves, a mattress and bed manufacturer based in West Yorkshire recently conducted a survey that revealed that the majority of Brits are being kept awake by stress, others because of an uncomfortable bed or mattress and a small minority are tormented by ghosts. Those aren't the only complaints though, others mentioned noisy neighbours and even escaping pets, so what keeps me up at night? Well a number of things! 

I find when I'm in bed, though that's the time my brain should be starting to unwind, it often does the complete opposite. Every possible thought runs through my mind! There's just something about the nightime that makes me re-think every embarrassing scenario I've found myself in and get anxious about things that probably won't ever happen. My brain just doesn't stop. If overthinking isn't the cause of my lack of sleep, then it tends to be a little pup named Bear running around the bedroom, wanting to play. He's cute so I'll forgive him but some nights I just want to get straight in bed and actually fall asleep when my head hits the pillow.

So, now let's get onto some of the things I do find actually help when I'm struggling with sleep. They're not mind-blowing ideas and I'm sure a lot of them, you already do yourself but for me when I'm in need of a decent sleep, and I want to give myself the best possible start, these are the things I reach for.

De-clutter Your Home

I can't quite put into the words the impact a tidy home has on my mind. Beyond many other things, a tidy home really makes for a tidy mind and if I can sit down and see that there's no more pots to do, no more toys to pick up etc, then I can really start my night off in the best way. I just can't deal with life when things are messy! It has a massive impact on my anxiety so I like to keep on top of cleaning and tidying my home as best as I can.

Pamper Time

When I get chance, I love nothing more than a pamper night. A hot bubble bath with a bath bomb, a refreshing face mask, and a good book can do the world of good. It might only be an hour or so to myself but it's often very much needed, and I come out feeling 10x better. It's amazing what taking some time out to look after yourself can do.
pink strawberry and prosecco bath bomb held up in front of flatlay

Practise Mindfulness

I'm definitely not the best at practising mindfulness, but it's something that helps SO many people and seems to be a great tool with clearing your mind and re-connecting with yourself. There are apps you can get now which tell you exactly what to do so you can just lie back, close your eyes and truly relax. Focused relaxation like this allows for you to really pay attention to your thoughts and become aware of what you're feeling, and whilst it might sound a little strange, it leaves you feeling so much better afterwards. It's upto you how long you do it for but even just 5 minutes while you're chilling in the bath can help.

Switch From Your Phone To A Book

When I'm having some self-care time, I always reach for a book. I often now try not to take my phone into the bathroom with me so I can just enjoy a hot soak with a good book. The same goes for when I get in bed, the phone goes on the bedtime table and I'll read a couple of chapters. I find if I'm still scrolling through Instagram or reading something pointless on Twitter, my mind just keeps whirring for ages afterwards, whereas reading a book - there's just something about it that always makes me tired and I often find I get a much better sleep if I've turned away from my phone for the evening.
the book sleep by c.l. taylor held up in front of bookshelf

All The Candles

Let's end with candles, because who doesn't love candles? Especially now Autumn is almost here and there is finally a chill in the air. I've stocked up on some autumnal scents and each evening I've been making sure all of the lights are off and just lighting candles instead. Not only does this make our home look far prettier, it also just makes me feel so cosy and ready to wind down. It's the perfect way for me to chill before bed.

Whilst some nights aren't perfect and it's not possible to practise all of these methods for a good night's sleep, the majority of the time, just one or two of these does wonders and I find myself having a more more peaceful night than I would have otherwise. I'd love to know if you've got any tips for a better night's sleep, or maybe you've got a funny story on things that keep you awake at night?

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Hannah said...

I totally agree with the tidy home point. I never used to bother with making the bed, but it makes such a difference to get back into a ready made bed. Great post xx

Hannah | luxuryblush

Heather Nixon said...

Reading before bed definitely helps me x

jennyinneverland said...

I adopted such a banging nighttime routine earlier on this year which helped my sleep tenfold but I've more or less abandoned that now so I need the will power to get back into it!


Sophie said...

I have awful insomnia and have done pretty much my entire life and I'm yet to find something that helps. I definitely agree that less screen time before bed helps to switch your brain off though! x


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