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My 2020 Food & Drink Christmas Gift Guide*

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It's time for my final gift guide of 2020! So far this week I've shared my ideas for both the men and women in your lives and today I'm talking about the presents everyone loves, especially at Christmas time, food and drink. I don't know about anyone else but I am always happy to unwrap something foodie related and each year there just seems to be more and more available. I've rounded up some of the best food and drink gifts out there this Christmas so I hope it gives you some ideas!collage - pink background, ohelo travel cup, cranes cider, guylian chocolate

Cranes Cider Gift Set*
I'm not really a beer drinker so for me Cider is something I pick up quite often anyway so I feel like I can safely say Cranes offer some of the best flavoured ciders out there. Cranes Ciders are crafted in Cambridge by co-founders (and twin brothers) Ben and Dan Ritsema. They've created a range of ciders that contain only natural ingredients which means they contain 30% fewer calories and over 40% less sugar than most cider brands. There has been absolutely no compromise on flavour though! The great thing is they're all suitable for vegans too and they're gluten-free. This Christmas, Cranes have a Cider gift set which includes their full range of fruit ciders - Blueberries & Apples, Cranberries & Limes, Raspberries & Pomegranates and also a branded pint glass for £16.99. Each flavour is incredibly refreshing and the perfect drink to open on a Saturday night! This is available from Amazon and the official Cranes website so grab it while you can!Cranes Cider gift set stood upCranes Cider bottle held up

Two Brooks Alcoholic Sparkling Water*
Another drink option this Christmas is Two Brooks, a new brand of alcoholic sparkling water. Two Brooks are a family-owned British start-up by brother and sister Fabio and Francesca Bruni. They've created a refreshing take on some classic drinks and there are currently 3 flavours available to choose from. Passion Star is similar to the popular Porn Star Martini with a bright, fresh flavour. Mango Hi-Ball has the full bodied flavour of fresh mango with a smooth yet crisp finish. Finally, the Lime Cooler balances subtle citrus with zesty lime, rounded off with mint which reminds me very much of a mojito! Two Brooks are gluten-free, 100% natural, only 80 calories and vegan too so a great choice this Christmas for everyone to enjoy! If you're tempted, each flavour is available on the official Two Brooks website.Two Brooks drinks laid down on orange backgroundTwo Brooks passion star drink held up

Ohelo Travel Cup*
I've been really enjoying getting out for some long Autumnal walks with Bear recently and I'm sure that will continue into Winter but as it's SO cold out at the minute, travel cups are very much needed! Ohelo, a family run business, launched towards the end of 2019 and they design and make high quality reusable water bottles and travel cups that are tougher, safer and prettier than most out in the shops already. Ohelo have a huge range of travel cups and bottles but the one I wanted to mention is the Pink Blossom Reusable Coffee Cup. How pretty is it?! Not only does it look beautiful but it's also has a 100% leakproof sip lid and it keeps liquids either cold for 12 hours or hot for 6 hours, never lukewarm which is very important! What I love about Ohelo is that 5% of their profits go to sustainable charities and their packaging is 100% plastic free and already recycled so aswell as supporting a new brand, you're also doing some good elsewhere too! The Pink Blossom Tumbler comes in 3 other colours and is £30 and you can also find lots of other cups and bottles to choose from on their website.Ohelo Pink Blossom Travel Cup on wooden chopping board, on orange scarf as backgroundOhelo Pink Blossom Travel Cup stood up with packaging in background

Guylian Dark Raspberry Bars*
For the chocolate lovers (who isn't one?) Guylian have not long since released a new Dark Raspberry bar which makes a perfect stocking filler this Christmas! We all know and love Guylian for their Praline Sea Shells but they actually have far more to enjoy too. The Dark 72% Raspberry Bars actually contain 4 smaller individually wrapped bars in each packet which is great for enjoying just a little at a time. With easy resealable packaging, they're sure to stay fresh ready to enjoy whenever you fancy. Guylian chocolate bars are made using 100% sustainable cocoa out of respect for nature and the cocoa farmers which only makes them even more of a winner in my eyes. Guylian can be found in all supermarkets so be sure to add some to your trolley in your next shop!Guylian chocolate bar on wooden chopping board on orange backgroundCloseup of Guylian chocolate on wooden chopping board

Cocktail/Coffee Stirrers
The next thing I wanted to mention I actually spotted whilst browsing Etsy recently and it's these amazing cocktail stirrers! These candy sticks have been flavoured with an authentic taste of various alcoholic drinks which instantly enhance the flavour of your cocktail once added. They're currently £5.49 and each stick can last upto 3 cocktails and there are 7 flavours to choose from - Pink Gin, Raspberry Prosecco, Passionfruit Martini, Parma Violet Gin, Blood Orange Gin, Cotton Candy Gin and finally, Elderflower Gin. If you're after some non-alcoholic gifts this Christmas though, they also have coffee stirrers too. These are only £4.99 and available in 4 flavours - Amaretto, Caramel, Hazelnut and Vanilla. I just think all of these make such a unique stocking filler! I want some for myself. Cocktail stirrers on paper background

The Naked Marshmallow Co Gourmet Marshmallow Toasting Set £19
If you know someone with a super sweet tooth, The Naked Marshmallow Co are who you need to be checking out. They have a range of different marshmallow toasting kits which include various flavours of gourmet marshmallow, a non-toxic gel burner (can be used multiple times), bamboo skewers and a printed guide of how to toast the perfect marshmallow. This could be such a fun idea for the weekend or something to enjoy over the festive period, especially if it's going to be a quiet one. I can see myself getting a few things like this in for over Christmas as a little date night at home. There are a range of different marshmallow kits to choose from but the classic includes two flavours of gourmet marshmallow and you can choose from Vanilla Bean, Candy Floss, Strawberry Cream, Choc Orange and Salted Caramel. How amazing do they all sound? This particular kit is £19 and available from The Naked Marshmallow Co website and NotOnTheHighStreet.The Naked Marshmallow Co toasting kit

Bear's Brownies & More Homemade Brownies
And last but not least, I had to mention Bear's Brownies & More didn't I? I launched my own brownie business in October and I'm so happy with how well it's gone and so proud that I finally took that step and at least tried and it seems to have payed off. At Bear's Brownies & More, we have a range of delicious brownies that would all make wonderful gifts this Christmas. We have 6 flavours to choose from including our festive range - Chocolate Orange, After Eight, Malteser Reindeer, Salted Caramel, Bourbon Biscuit and Biscoff. Available in boxes of 4 or 8 (or you could add 4 of two flavours and make your own 8 box) via my Esty shop, these are just what you need if you know someone who loves a brownie or two. Each batch of brownies lasts around a week so they're the perfect treat to order in the run up to Christmas. Ooh, almost forgot to mention that we have 10% off until Monday too! There's never been a better time to order.Maltester Reindeer brownie held up in front of box of brownies

So there we have it, my final gift guide of 2020! I really hope these have given you some inspiration for Christmas shopping this year or even just given you an idea of something you could treat yourself to, it's been a rough year, you deserve it!

Have you started (or completed) your Christmas shopping?

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Beautylymin said...

Well done on starting your own business - the brownies look delicious! I'm totally up for receiving chocolate as a gift - yum! x


Sarah Trademark said...

I never knew guylian did bars! A good selection of things here xx

beautyqueenuk said...

I had the Cranes Cider and decided to keep it for myself and drink it, it is very very nice x

jennyinneverland said...

Great guide! Love that you included your own brownies in here because of all these products, yours are definitely what I'd recommend the most! I love my ohelo bottle. And you can't go wrong with guylian either! xxx

Heather Nixon said...

Lots of great gift ideas x

Julia said...

I love giving cider as a Christmas present because it feels like a festive drink :) Travel cups are also great!

Julia x
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Alice Anne said...

The Candy Sticks look amazing - so many different flavours! Be great for stockings xx

Nic said...

Thanks for sharing your gift guide, plenty of gifts in there for everybody :)

Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

Kelly~Diane said...

You've included so many lovely products. Those cocktail stirrers are such a unique but lovely idea.

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