Thursday 13 September 2018

How To Transition Your Winter Outfits Into Spring*

I know, I know, we're only just leaving Summer behind and stepping into Autumn, but being able to transition your outfits from season to season is something to think about all year round. So here are some tips on how to transition your comfy Winter outfits into the start of Spring.
Spring flowers, rain


The problem I have when it comes to the end of Winter is how up and down the weather can be. One minute it's still freezing and we have snow and the next it's hot, so it can be such a pain knowing what to wear. Layering is such a easy way to start making the winter to spring transition though. It means you can be prepared for all weather. Had a cold few days? Add in a jacket, scarf and boots over jeans and a blouse and then if it warms up, these can easily be removed and you'll still be cool enough for any shock hot weather. It's better to layer up at first and be prepared for rain and snow rather than going out dressed for the middle of Spring and then have nothing to throw on.

Add in bright colours 

Like most people I imagine, in Winter I am all about the darker colours, blacks, greys, reds and it takes a lot for me to part with them. They are go to colours of mine and they suit me but whenever Spring comes around I like to add a pop of colour or pattern to change things up a little. Spring is all about being bright and colourful so add in that yellow top, that pink jacket, get creative! You can lighten up your look ready for the season ahead piece by piece. Even just swapping a chunky scarf for a thin floral one is a nice change, or switching the boots to pumps.

Ankle boots with dresses

If when Spring rolls around you're not quite ready to say goodbye to Winter, one look I really like is ankle boots with dresses/skirts. I think it's so unique and it's perfect in between the two seasons. One of my favourites I've seen recently is black ankle boots with a leopard print skirt, absolutely perfect for the colder months but can also easily be worn when the warmer weather is starting. If you want to pick yourself a new pair of boots for the upcoming months, there are some lovely Reiker ones available at Donaghys. Established in 1960, the Donaghys business has grown from strength to strength since the beginning and they now stock a variety of items suitable for the whole family. When in need of a new pair of shoes for a new season, Donaghys is the place to go for top quality brands at great prices.


Spring and Summer are the perfect months for accessories. You can really change up your outfit just by adding in a few pieces of jewellery or swapping in a new pair of shoes. Printed scarves are perfect, pretty jewellery can take your daytime outfit into the evening and you can even throw in a little over the shoulder bag too!

Do you have any tips for transitioning outfits from season to season?

*This post is in collaboration with Donaghys

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