Monday 3 September 2018

6 Things I Can’t Wait To Do This Autumn

Ahh Autumn. I could talk about it everyday and never get bored. I look forward to it all year and especially as we've had such a hot summer over the last few months, now more than ever I'm counting down the days. I want the leaves to fall, cold mornings and warming slow cooker meals again. There are several things I always enjoy about Autumn but as I've been waiting for it for weeks now, this year I've got a few things in mind I want to do to really make the most of my favourite season.
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Carve a pumpkin

I mentioned pumpkin carving in an Autumn bucket list post a few years ago and I still haven't got round to it! Every year I see pumpkins and think right I need to get some for us this year but before I know it, the time has passed and it's too late. Well this year it is a must. I want to have an evening where we sit down to carve our own pumpkins with candles lit and a Halloween film on the TV. Whilst I have no doubt, mine will be shockingly bad, I'm sure it will be a fun experience to finally take part in together.

Go on long walks

I absolutely love when the cold weather really starts, you leave your home and the breeze just hits you. I love that frosty morning feeling and it genuinely makes me so happy whenever I get the chance to go out, all wrapped up. As I love the cold weather so much, I really want to get out more this Autumn and embrace it by going on some long walks. There is nothing better than then being able to come home to a comforting meal, a hot bubble bath and getting all cosy.

Wrap up warm

As I just mentioned I love getting to wear all of my favourite clothes in Autumn and going out all wrapped up. I am in my element when it comes to 'fashion' towards the later half of the year. I am all for skinny jeans, jumpers, scarves and boots and I am totally going to appreciate them so much more than I usually do this year. I also love getting wrapped up warm in the evening, fresh PJ's, fluffy socks and a soft dressing gown.

Have movie nights

When I'm in my cosies in the evening, I love nothing more than a movie night. Now the colder weather seems to be starting, we're already taking advantage and spending our nights with the candles lit, a bowl of snacks and a good film. Of course you can do this all year round but there's just something about Autumn and Winter that makes me want to get snug on the sofa with a hot cup of tea, biscuits and a blanket.

Try new recipes

My love for cooking completely disappeared over the Summer months. When we had the heatwave, I couldn't think of anything much worse than standing in the kitchen, cooking, which meant we definitely didn't eat too well at times. Now it's a bit cooler I'm taking advantage and really starting to enjoy making some of our favourites again. I also really want to try some more comforting meals that we've not had before so if you have any recipe suggestions let me know. So far I've been making classic Sunday roasts, filling Shepherds pie, hearty pasta dishes and I'm also going to start the slow cooker casseroles up again soon. Dumplings and mash, yes please!

Visit Christmas markets 

Finally I can't wait to visit some Christmas markets later on this year! So far the only one we know we'll definitely be paying a visit too is Winter Wonderland in London as we'll already be there for our wedding anniversary. It's absolutely huge and there is so much to see, so I'm really excited to go back and see what's new this year. There are also other Christmas markets dotted around the Southbank too which are always fun and get me feeling all festive. It's been a while since our last visit to the Manchester Christmas Market so maybe we'll have to try and get a day trip there too if we're lucky. I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS.

Are you looking forward to Autumn? Do you have anything exciting planned?

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Rasya | said...

I plan to go hiking this autumn to see the beautiful scenery! Couldn't wait x

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