Friday 2 December 2016

2 Nights in Manchester - Christmas Shopping & Christmas Markets!

After 2 fab nights in London, we had one day at home then went to Manchester for 2 nights. We always go to Manchester in November for the christmas markets and we always like to get some of our christmas shopping done there! Our first trip there was so special and I can't imagine a year where we won't go so even though we had booked London we still made sure we got a few days in Manchester too. 
We went last Monday and we were both still pretty shattered and achy from all the walking around London but as always we were really excited and happy to be back. We started off at the Christmas Market in Albert Square which is just around the corner from the hotel we stay at. We had to get a Doughnut Pretzel like we did last year so that was the first thing we bought and after a look around we headed to the Arndale Centre. Pretty quickly we found Homesense which is just one of the best shops ever. They had so many christmassy things and more gold and copper homeware bits than you could imagine, I wanted it all but I refrained as I just would have spent loads otherwise. We did pick up a few presents from TK Maxx, they had so many great home and beauty bits, I don't know why I don't look in the ones local to us more often as they had some really great things. We then picked up a few bits from Clintons that were on offer and of course I had to get some sort of christmassy candle. I went for the Yankee Candle Candy Cane Lane Melt which smells so sweet and minty. I can't wait to use that soon! We just had a really chilled first day and it was really lovely. We stopped for some of the Costa Christmas drinks that afternoon, I went for the Gingerbread Latte, which I actually love, I never normally like anything with coffee in but for some reason I just love this. We had a Costa while we were in London too, I went for the Mint Hot Chocolate then and it was one of the best hot drinks I've ever had. 
I mentioned in my Manchester Plans post that we were thinking of going to the Trafford Centre on our second day but we decided against that as there was so much more of the Arndale to get round and it was just much easier to get our shopping done in the centre. On our way there we went back to the market and picked up some food. This time we tried some Patatas Bravas from a Spanish stall and they were insanely good. I could eat them again right now. We're going to try and make our own again next week as I need them back in my life. 

We ended up back in TK Maxx after that and I got some lovely home bits for us even though we really didn't need anything! I got some gorgeous glasses for only £2.99 each! They are quite tall and just have a gold band around the bottom, I love them so much. I also picked up this lovely copper candle holder from The Card Factory. I would never ever think to look there for things like that but they had a really good range of home things and this holder was only £1.99, it's so different to anything else we have and it goes perfect in our living room! We picked up a few extra christmas bits from The Card Factory like little snow globes and a christmas countdown. I really want to make the whole flat so Christmassy and cosy this year so we got a few different things to put up. 
After a day of shopping and a nice stop at Cafe Nero for a break we went back to the market for the last time this year. We had to get a pork sandwich as they always look so tasty and we've never gone for one from the stalls before. We also got a huge brownie to try from this stall that is always there and they always do huge muffins and cakes and brownies. I always look forward to getting something from there!

We were home by about 3pm the next day, we had a really relaxing few days away and it was great to get our christmas shopping down in both trips! Now we only have a few extra bits to get and then it's all done, most are wrapped already aswell! I just love going to Manchester every year and carrying on the tradition, I don't ever want it to stop. Even if we can't get anywhere else in the year we always make sure we get to go away in November and I always get so excited for it. I'm already looking forward to next November, it just went way too quick, both trips did. We're hoping next November will be very special for a few reasons and another trip like this will be included. It might sound boring or a bit sad to other people but I don't think it would be the same for us without going to the christmas markets so we'll definitely be going back again! 

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