Wednesday 21 December 2016

Keeping Your Car Tyres Safe In Winter*

I absolutely love winter and all that comes with it, rain, snow, getting cosy at home and of course Christmas but there are serious things to think about during the colder months and one of those is car safety.
I remember when I first did my driving lessons a few years ago, I was always so scared at the thought of one day having to drive in the snow and having to deal with icy roads. Of course I just had to trust that if that happened during my lessons then my instructor would be there and it would all be fine. On the odd occasions there was bad weather, I got through it okay but even though I don't currently have a car, one day I will and the thought already fills me with dread that I'll have to deal with those things by myself and hope that I stay safe and nothing goes wrong!

We've already had some extremely cold weather over the last month and I expect it will only get worse over Christmas and into the new year. Bad weather can lead to roads becoming cold and icy which is not only worrying enough if you're not a confident or experienced driver but it also really affects the performance of your tyres. Steering, acceleration and braking becomes much more difficult as normal tyres have less grip on cold, damp and icy roads meaning chances of an accident happening increases, which is scary for anyone. The temperature of your tyres is a really important factor when it comes to them performing well in winter. If the temperature drops below 7 degrees then normal tyres begin to harden, meaning less grip. Ever see on the news cars that have been sliding and swerving about on the roads? or maybe you've even seen it happen when you're driving yourself, that's because the tyres can't get enough grip on the roads to brake and stop. As your much more likely to be involved in a car accident during winter compared to summer, it really is worth investing and spending some time finding the right tyres for the colder months. Unfortunately a lot of people do forget or just don't bother, thinking surely it won't happen to me? But it can. 

Thankfully you can get specialist tyres specifically for Winter meaning your car can perform better and keep you safe throughout the colder months. Point S has tyres dealers throughout UK so if you're wanting to get some new ones to help you in the winter months, look no further! They have a whole section on their website to help you familiarize yourself with the process of finding and buying car tyres, this is great if it's your first time needing new ones as you can really work out what it is you need. It is so simple finding tyres with Point S as you can just enter your cars registration number and they will prepare a list of possible options for you. They will then connect you with the dealers and depots that are closest to you and as your time and date will be booked through the system, you don't have to worry about waiting around. Another great thing is that you only pay when the local fitter is actually fitting your new tyres and there are no ridiculous costs. It is so easy to follow and they do all the work for you! 

It's really worth checking your tyres and making sure you're taking care of them in the winter months for your own safety and that of others too! Definitely have a look on the Point S website if you want any more information or want to go ahead with getting yourself some new tyres. 

*This is a collaborative post with Point S

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