Monday 12 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide - For Him...

Today I have TWO more gift guides for you! I decided after doing my Gift Guide For Her and my Etsy Gift Guide last week that I really wanted to do one for men and also one for all the foodies. Men are so difficult to buy for aren't they? So I thought I would do a little gift guide for those who might be struggling with ideas this year, and my Gift Guide For Foodies will be up after this one!

You can't really go wrong with aftershave for men. They all use it and there are so many out there to choose from, they are spoilt for choice! My personal favourite for George is the Diesel Only The Brave. Our first christmas together we both spent loads, he bought me a perfume and I bought him this aftershave but as they're so expensive we've not bought them again since! It can be pricey but if you want to treat someone at Christmas time and you know there is one they like then you're sorted. If you want some cheaper options of aftershave, Next do some great ones for really reasonable prices and honestly they smell just as good as branded ones. Sticking with this sort of theme, you also can't really go wrong with something like a Lynx Men's Gift Set. Every man needs shower gels and deodorants and this set is actually a really good price I think for what's included. Boots and Superdrug both have loads on offer so if there is a certain one your partner/brother/dad likes then you'll definitely be able to find it in one of these stores. Something I wanted to feature that is a bit different is for the people who are into their technology. I really wanted to include the ROKU Streaming Stick which I think could be a good present. This allows for you to stream online content on your TV, it has built in wifi and gives you access to things like BBC iPlayer, 40D, Youtube, Netflix etc. We got one of these a few weeks ago so now we can watch loads of different things when we go to bed rather than only been able to access Netflix and Youtube etc in the living room. They are really worth getting.
Images from Superdrug, Next and Currys.
There are some really brilliant boxsets on Amazon that would be perfect gifts. The Game of Thrones box set is quite pricey but if you know someone who loves the show or they've recentely got into it then this would make a great present. This has series 1-6 so they can catch up before the next series starts! Another box set which is much cheaper is the Breaking Bad one. This was really expensive when it was first released but now you can get the complete collection for £25.99. Moving onto Clothing, I've found two lovely jumpers from Next, the Basket Weave Crew Jumper and the Taupe Honeycomb Crew Jumper. These both look so perfect for winter, Next are a brilliant store to go to for clothes, always good quality. The last thing I have picked is a Sekonda Leather Strap Watch from Asos. I got George a watch a few years ago and until it somehow broke he wore it everyday and really loved it and it would definitely be something I would get him again one day. Asos have a really great selection and a lot are really good prices too!
Images from Asos, Next and Amazon.
I hope this gift guide gave you some inspiration, I always look to gift guides for ideas as men are so tricky to buy for so I hope this one has helped some of you!

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