Friday 23 December 2016

50 Facts About Me...

I'm pretty sure I've never done one of these before on my blog so I thought I would do one now for my final post before Christmas! I love posts like this so hopefully you'll find out some interesting things about me!
1. I was born in Germany but I am completely British. My dad was in the British army and based over there so we lived there for a few years
2. I have no idea what I want to do with my life job wise
3. I love buying people presents 
4. I get really stressed if pillows and cushions aren't positioned where I like them on the sofa and the bed, I have cried over it before!
5. I didn't know how to cook anything until I met George and over time he's taught me little bits and I've taught myself 
6. I love rain
7. Capri Suns are my life
8. I have very few friends. Girls just don't seem to like me even though I think I'm quite a nice person and really try
9. I want at least two dogs, hopefully a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Golden Retriever
10. My favourite ever meal is Hunters Chicken
11. I love watching the soaps every night, especially Coronation Street
12. I haven't seen any of my family for almost 3 years
13. I'm 21 and dread my birthday every year
14. Trolls was my favourite film of 2016
15. I love horror movies
16. I am obsessed with buying candles
17. I have seen all the friends episodes countless times and Ross is always my favourite character
18. I love supermarkets
19. I have a weird crush on Jimmy Bullard
20. All I want in life is to be a mum
21. My dream car is a mini
22. I lived in Leicester for a year for uni and I miss it so much
23. A lot of my anxiety is health related so if I get unwell I will be convinced it's something really serious. It's a lot better than it was though, 2 years ago I was convinced for a long time I had a brain tumour even though deep down I knew I was fine and just being irrational it was very hard to get that thought out of my head
24. London is my favourite place in the world
25. I would love to have my own bakery one day
26. I very rarely buy new clothes for myself and will wear something to death before replacing it
27. I used to play guitar
28. I saw my first west end show in November 2016. We saw Wicked and it was magical
29. I love Jamie Dornan 
30. My favourite animals are Dogs, Bears and Pandas
31. I hold grudges and find it hard to forgive people
32. I have to wear socks whenever I stay in a hotel. I can't stand the thought of my feet touching the bed
33. I love swimming
34. The American Office is my favourite TV show and Michael Scott will always be the best character 
35. I've been in a relationship for nearly 5 and a half years
36. I have no shame in admitting that I can get through sharing bags of crisps by myself, also full packs of biscuits
37. I make a pretty good chilli
38. I miss One Direction everyday (kind of joking, kind of not)
39. The thought of a big wedding fills me with dread, I don't think I would turn up
40. I love trains and the actual travelling to places
41. Croissants are my fave and I would eat them everyday for breakfast if I could
42. I have a very varied taste in music and my Spotify playlist is a mix of everything
43. When I'm drunk I like to rap 
44. I'm very self conscious and very rarely take photos of myself, me and George took a picture in London and it was the first one we had taken in years
45. I've had more support from bloggers in the last few years than I ever have from some friends or family
46. I have two Instagram accounts, one for my personal stuff and blogging, and a separate slimming world one
47. I will cut people out of my life if they're just adding stress or making me unhappy
48. I sponsor two dogs for Dogs Trust but would sponsor them all if I could (or adopt them)
49. My favourite chocolate is Kinder Bueno 
50. Every Christmas I develop an obsession with anything Gingerbread related

Once I started this I realised how hard it is to think of 50 interesting things about yourself! I think I managed to get a good mix though and some are just silly things so hopefully they made you laugh. Let me know if you've done anything similar to this as I would love to read other peoples!

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Unknown said...

It's refreshing to meet other girls who think girls don't like them. So many people don't understand what I mean when I say that!

Kim K Photography said...

I love posts like this is so great to get to know more about people 😊 -

Chloe said...

Hi, thanks for sharing all of these facts about yourself. I to would love a mini, maybe one day, Chloe

Unknown said...

Obsessed with buying candles too. And also with the pillow thing. I also always need to sleep on the left side of the bed ahah. London is the best place on earth, also agreed! Ahah xx Corinne from Corinne & kirsty

Samantha said...

Oh God, I don't know if I could not see my family for that long of a time period. I'm a needy human being. Also, I don't like Capri Sun....oops! It was great learning a bit more about you. :)

S .x

Kelly~Diane said...

Such a great post, I'm glad its not just me that has to wear socks in hotels!

Tiffany Timms said...

I'm glad someone else feels the same! I just never really seem to fit in with anyone x

Tiffany Timms said...

Me too! Always find out some interesting things :) x

Tiffany Timms said...

No problem glad you liked it :) x

Tiffany Timms said...

I just can't stop! haha always buying them. Glad someone else is with me on the pillow thing! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Yeah it's not easy but all very complicated! Aww I LOVE capri suns haha x

Tiffany Timms said...

Definitely not, I always have to do it! x

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