Monday 19 December 2016

Christmas Wishlist 2016...

I've left it pretty late to come up with a Christmas wishlist but I love doing them every year so this year is no exception. Me and George set ourselves a spending limit as otherwise we can both get a bit carried away and we really don't want to be going mad with money. I haven't asked for much and to be honest anything would make me happy but I have found a few things online that I would absolutely love.
Diary, Jamie Oliver, Wicked, The Duff, Lean in 15.
  • Everyone needs a diary and as I really want to get on it with blogging next year I want a good diary to keep track of posts I need to publish each day and generally I just need to organise my life. 
  • I love a good recipe book and you can't beat Jamie Oliver. I mentioned his new Christmas cookbook in my Foodies Gift Guide as it literally has everything you need to make a great Christmas dinner and also loads of recipes for other occasions and ideas for leftovers so I imagine this to just be an amazing book to keep going back to every year. 
  • Sticking with the idea of recipe books, I am still yet to get any of the Lean in 15 books and I have wanted them for so long! Joe Wicks released his third recently but I want to start right from the beginning and I've seen some delicious meals from the first book so I would really love this. 
  • We watched The Duff months ago now but I thought it was so funny and it's one I've wanted on DVD since. 
  • I've been listening to the Wicked soundtrack on Spotify on and off for months now, in the run up to seeing the show and afterwards, but there's something really nice about having an actual CD. I still love getting CD's for the day when we have a car as I like to think that we can go proper Carpool Karaoke and sing along to all sorts of different music!
  • Something I forgot to picture but something I always want more of is candles! After picking up one of the Bath and Body Works dupes in B&M, I've wanted to try the rest of them so I'm really hoping I might have one of those from George, but to be honest I am a sucker for any sort of candle so I'm really not fussy.
  • It wouldn't be Christmas without Lush so I always ask for something from there. One I haven't got this year so far is Golden Wonder so that's one I would definitely love. A few other products I really wanted to try this year were the Mistletoe bath bomb and the Peppermint Scrub so I would be so happy with either of those aswell!
Mistletoe, Golden Wonder, Peppermint Bark.
I absolutely love Christmas morning when we both sit and open our presents with some Bucks Fizz and I really can't wait for George open all of his. I'm looking forward to that more than opening mine as I honestly don't mind what I get. I just can't wait for a really, chilled Christmas day with lots of films and food! 

Did you see The Christmas Tag last week?

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@ShaunaKabana said...

I love Wicked!! I like the song popular lol! And Lush is a must!!!! Cute post! Good thing a spending limit was set

Food & Baker said...

Everyone, especially bloggers need a diary, just for my 2017 Filofax fillers this weekend. So excited to fill them out - also love your foodie guide! Still waiting on receiving my first Lush box haha love the list!

Jessica & James |

Unknown said...

I love the wicked soundtrack!! So many great songs!


Chloe said...

Hi, I hope to get lean in 15, fingers crossed. Great wish list, Chloe

Tiffany Timms said...

I love that one! Definitely had to give ourselves a spending limit otherwise we would just buy loads! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Definitely, every blogger needs a diary! Thank you :) x

Tiffany Timms said...

It's such a good soundtrack! x

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