Monday 12 March 2018

3 Photos I Loved In February

I always go back through my Instagram, I can scroll for ages and for some reason I find it so enjoyable seeing what I've posted over time, is anyone else like that? I'm really enjoying picking a few favourite photos from it to includes in these new monthly posts. I really enjoyed the one I did in January which included photos from my birthday, baking favourites and more, you can find that here if you haven't already seen it!

The first photo I've chosen from February is this little Valentines collage I made on the day. We had a really nice Valentines and I always like to post something about it, because I just love scrolling back through my Instagram and seeing all of the different things we did and remembering how I felt at the time. It was mine and Georges 7th Valentines this year which is kind of insane so I felt like I needed to say something about it, because he's just the best and I don't know how he has put up with me for so long. He got me a beautiful card, some delicious foodie presents and we had a lovely date night at the cinema before coming home to cook a delicious meal. We never go too full on for Valentines but it's nice to buy each other a few gifts and spend that time together. In the collage aswell as including my card, I also included one of my favourite photos of us from a weekend away, a huge Millies Cookie I bought for him for our first Valentines which came up on my timehop that day, and also one of him with Bouncer that I took during a week we had together years ago.
The next photo I wanted to include is this flatlay which I actually featured in a blog post last week. I had written my blogging tips for beginners post and it was basically ready to go but I had no idea what sort of photo to take! Does anyone else really struggle with coming up with new photo ideas? In the end I just started placing different items on my white background and eventually I got to something that I thought was kind of relevant and looked good. The more I look at it now though, the more I love it. It's no secret I'm not the most creative person and photography is definitely something I struggle with when it comes to blogging but after a while of sticking to the same props and not really getting inventive, I was so happy with what I came up with!
The last photo I've chosen from February is one of Bradfield. It's somewhere George and I like to go every year and with Spring firmly on the way (though as I'm writing this it's snowing!) I've been getting so excited for lots of walks and days out. The first time we went together a few years ago the weather was horrendous and we got soaked but last year, when I took the photo below was beautiful. The views were stunning. I can't wait to go back again soon.
I've loved writing this post so I hope you enjoyed reading! I think this is such a nice way to reflect on the month and pick a few favourite things!


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