Tuesday 13 March 2018

Bomb Cosmetics Polar Express Bath Blaster Review

Bomb Cosmetics have been my go to for bath bombs for a while now so I was so excited to pick another one up from The Yorkshire Soap Company recently. I was spoilt for choice and could have left with them all but after much deliberation I went for one called 'Polar Express'. Isn't it so cute?!
bomb cosmetics polar express
I saw this one online a few times before Christmas so I thought it would just be around for the festive season but they had quite a few of these in stock in Leeds. Given how cold it's been recently though and the snow, it was quite an appropriate one to pick. I'm always drawn the blue bath bombs because you just know they're going to make the water look amazing! I've tried a few bath bombs out now from Bomb Cosmetics, those being Pink Elephants and Lemonade, which I was really impressed with (full review here), Candy Cane Lane which had a gorgeous minty scent, and Bear Necessitites, which lookswise is so pretty but it didn't really do much. That's why I decided to go for one a bit like my usual favourites from Lush as I knew it would be more exciting to watch in the water and if you're going to spend money on a bath bomb you want it to be worth it. 

This is definitely one of the cutest bath bombs I've ever bought, I mean, it has a bear on it! The scent is lovely too though. It contains lemongrass and neroli essential oils so it's a very fresh scent but sweet too. Though Neroli is quite a floral fragrance it's not too overpowering so it's perfect for me. Both Lemongrass and Neroli are supposed to be good for producing serotonin in the brain helping with our mood, which is definitely something I need more of so that's something I like to look out for now when choosing a bath bomb.

When this hit the water a turquoise blue instantly emerged and within seconds the whole of the water was a gorgeous bright blue. It wasn't a bath bomb that fizzled out really quickly which I was happy about and the colour just intensifies as it goes on. The scent definitely wasn't the strongest out of all the bath bombs I've tried but it did make the bathroom smell lovely which was nice and it left my skin feeling really soft.
bomb cosmetics polar express
Overall I'm really happy I tried this. It didn't have loads of different colours emerging from it and it stays a turquoise blue from the beginning to end but I really liked that. It's such a nice bright blue, has a really sweet scent and most of all, it's adorable. It just added to my pamper night and it's definitely one I'd consider getting again in future, but not just yet as there are so many others I'm yet to try from Bomb Cosmetics. For £3 you can't really go wrong though can you? That's why I love Bomb Cosmetics, they are so affordable and for something that's going to disappear pretty quickly, you don't want it to cost loads! I definitely think this one was worth the money.

Have you tried any bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics before?

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