Thursday 29 March 2018

Face Masks I've Been Trying Out

I'm an absolute sucker for face masks at the moment! I mentioned in a post like this last year that I never really used to get the hype around them and I just couldn't see the fascination with the whole process of it but after trying a few different ones, I soon got why people love it so much and now I reguarly treat myself to a few when I'm in need of a bit of a self care evening. I've been picking up a few different ones over the last few months so I really wanted to do a kind of follow up post to the last one with a few masks I've got round trying. 

L'oreal Multi Masking Play Kit

I had to start with this one because I pretty much loved everything about it. After seeing people rave and rave about the L'oreal Clay Masks I knew I had to finally get my hands on one but when I spotted this on offer for only about £3.50 I thought this would be a good place to start. There are quite a few different clay masks available now and I just didn't know where to start so this having 3 mini masks meant I could see what I liked the most before getting the full thing. This multi-masking kit contains a purity mask, a detox mask and a glow mask. All of which target different areas and help in different ways. This kit allows you to create a tailored detox regime and it's up to you how many masks you use at a time. What I loved about this was that it had a few different images on the back showing how to apply and where for different needs. The main one I usually followed was the stress relief one which showed I needed to use the black detox mask on cheeks for detoxifying and clarity, the red glow mask on my forehead for brightening and exfoliation and the green purity mask on my nose and chin for purifying and mattifying effects. I found this was easy to apply, washed off well and left my skin looking much clearer and brighter. It didn't leave my skin dry in anyway which I kind of expected with it being a clay mask, and it totally made me want to buy some of the full size tubs. This is currently £7.49 in Superdrug which is pricey for what it is but you do get lots of uses out of the mini masks and it's a good way to figure out which is best for you and what you like the most before buying one of the bigger packs.
Face Masks I've Been Trying Out...

Garnier Honey Mask

I bought this absolutely ages ago but didn't end up using it until last month. I was drawn to it because I saw it was a honey mask and it looked different to other masks I'd tried in the past. I also really loved the Garnier Self Heating Mask so I was excited to try another one from them. This combines honey and ceramide in a creamy texture that nourishes your skin for soothed and velvety skin. Containing no parabens, it's supposed to make your skin look smoother and feel supple and nourished. This was definitely quite a sticky face mask so it was a little tricky to apply and not get it stuck in my hair! but after using my skin did feel pretty amazing. I just felt like it looked much healthier and clearer and it was so soft to touch. I wouldn't say any of the effects lasted for ages afterwards apart from it just feeling incredibly smooth but to say it was only £1.50 in Superdrug it was a total bargain and really worth trying.
Garnier Honey Mask

7th Heaven Passion Peel Off

The latest one I've tried is the Passion Peel Off from 7th Heaven. 7th Heaven are pretty much the queens of face masks and I've tried several from them all of which I've really enjoyed. I picked this up when we went to Leeds from Boots for £1 and I mainly wanted it cos it was passionfruit and I just love that scent! Like the garnier mask this also had quite a sticky texture but not as much as others I've tried and it wasn't a struggle to apply. It was also one that I could leave on for a while so I just had a real chill out in the bath after I applied it which was nice. This particular mask contains pomegranate, passion flower, raspberry, grape, cranberry vitamin E which are all anti-oxidants that help protect skin whilst pores get a deep clean peel off. This did take a little bit longer than I anticipated to remove but I'm not sure if some parts I'd just applied a bit thicker than I realised so maybe they just weren't quite dry enough. Once I'd peeled it all off though, my skin was incredibly smooth and soft to touch and I really felt like I'd got rid of any bacteria or left over makeup. As it was such a bargain I'd definitely pick it up again in the future, these are just a cheap and cheerful addition to a little pamper evening and you just can't beat the price and variety of 7th Heaven!
7th Heaven
Now I've got through these I'm definitely going to have to pick myself up a few more next time I'm out. I always like to have a few face masks in the bathroom cupboard ready for when I feel in need of a little bit of a relaxation in the bath. Though some of these had negatives and positives, they were all pretty much great products and I'd pick each of them up again. I'm definitely not fussy when it comes to face masks and with how cheap most of them are, you can't really complain!

Do you love a face mask? Which brand do you tend to reach for?

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