Tuesday 10 July 2018

5 MORE West End Shows I'd Like To See

Last year in April I did a post about 5 West End shows I wanted to see and that included ones like Mamma Mia, School of Rock and Les Miserables. Since then my love for musical theatre has just grown and grown and so I now have a list as long as my arm of shows I'd love to see. As there are now so many shows on my radar I thought I would do another post with 5 more shows I'm hoping to go and see, and I'd love to know if you've seen them and what you thought!
5 More West End Shows I'd Like To See including Hamilton, Heathers, The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago and Everybodys Talking About Jamie


I wasn't sure whether to include this one or not as George and I are actually going to see it in December, but it's just too big of a show not to mention. I heard about Hamilton last year just before it came to the West End and at first I didn't really understand the hype. I didn't see how a show about Alexander Hamilton and his life would be that entertaining but after one day listening to a few songs on the soundtrack, I quickly realised that this show was different. It didn't take long for me to fully immerse myself in the whole soundtrack and now I don't think a day goes by where I don't listen to at least a little bit of it. I eventually got George onto it, and at first he was the same as me but soon enough we were both thinking, we have to go and see this! Show after show gets booked up so quickly though and most tickets tend to be around £250 each which I can't justify so I didn't expect to be seeing it for years. After having a quick look a few weeks ago though we noticed a new booking period had opened meaning lots of tickets were available for shows later in the year and actually at a more reasonable price so straight away we booked them and now it's just a countdown until we go. If you do want to see it any time soon, now is definitely the time to look as there are still loads left for lots of bookings up until around Christmas to March. The soundtrack is just incredible and I'm so excited to see it live, the thought of it makes me want to cry.

The Phantom of the Opera

This is just a classic and whilst it's not at the top of my list, it's definitely one I'd love to see in a few years. Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical has been going since 1986 but is still just as popular today so it's clearly a very special show. With memorable music, set and costumes, I think it would just be an incredible show to see. It's definitely one of the more serious shows on this list and even compared to the ones we've already seen, so I think it would be nice to see it one day and it be completely different to anything else. Some of the songs on the soundtrack are brilliant, The Music of the Night, All I Ask of You and of course The Phantom of the Opera.


This has been playing in London for a few weeks now and it was supposed to be an 8 week run but they've just announced an extension and whilst I don't think we'll get to see it this time while it's around, I'd love to see it one day if it comes back again. This is one of those shows I'd only heard the tiniest amount about so when it came back I didn't think much of it but since it's started again and they've got names like Carrie Hope Fletcher starring, all I've heard is good reviews. I started listening to the soundtrack a few weeks ago and there are some amazing songs on there! I'm obsessed with Candy Store and Dead Girl Walking and I'd love to see them live. Heathers is actually quite a dark story so it would be interesting to see how it plays out on stage.


I've heard really mixed things about this show, but that's kind of what makes me want to go and see it. This is currently playing in London until January so it's not a show I'll be seeing any time soon and I'm not desperate to but after absolutely loving the film I do think I should see it one day just to see how it compares. I thought the film was just brilliant and I loved the music but I have heard the stage version is very different so I think whenever I see it, it could go either way for me really.

Everybody's Talking About Jamie

As I'm from Sheffield and this is set in Sheffield, it's one I have to see one day I think. It did so well when it started here that it moved to the west end and it just seems to have grown in popularity since. It's about the inspirational story of Jamie New, a 16 year old schoolboy who decides he wants to go to his school prom in a dress. It's based on a true story, taking inspiration from a BBC Three documentary on Jamie Campbell, and it's full of infectious music including 'And You Don't Even Know It' which I'm currently obsessed with.

I'm already thinking about other shows I'd like to see too but for now these are the ones at the top of my list. I just want to see everything! I'm loving writing more about theatre at the moment, it makes me so happy so expect more posts like this in the future.

Have you seen any musicals recently?

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