Monday 2 July 2018

Summer Sandals With Lunar Shoes*

When a new seasons starts I always like to treat myself to a few new bits for my wardrobe, it's the perfect excuse for a bit of shopping! With Summer here I've been picking up a few different bits for this warmer weather but one thing I hadn't got round to getting yet was sandals so I was thrilled when Lunar Shoes got in touch and asked if I'd like to try a pair!
Summer Sandals With Lunar Shoes*
Lunar Shoes stock a huge range of different styles but they specialise in ladies sandals, ensuring there is something for everyone. From comfort sandals made for walking, to wedge sandals for height and even toe loop sandals to add to your summer outfit, there is so much choice. As there are so many different sandals available it took a lot of deliberation but I finally went for the Samantha Gemstone Sandals in pink. Amongst all of the pretty sandals, these stood out to me and I just knew they would be perfect for the Summer.Summer Sandals With Lunar Shoes*
With the metallic colouring and gemstone decoration on top, they are so on trend this season and perfect for wearing on hotter days with a variety of outfits, or brilliant to take on holiday with you. I pretty much started wearing these as soon as they arrived and I haven't worn any other shoes since, I am a little bit in love with them! Whilst they looked pretty in photos, you can never quite tell if something is going to suit you until it arrives but I think these only look even better in real life. They go so well with all of my clothes and more importantly I feel so comfortable in them. I find they really suit me, aren't too far away from what I'd usually buy and can make a simple outfit look that little bit more special.

Aswell as being absolutely stunning, one of the main features of the Samantha sandal is the cushioned and padded insoles. Whilst I love how sandals look, a lot of them time they aren't the most comfortable things to be wearing all day so anything that can provide a bit of extra comfort is a winner for me. As I've mentioned in blog posts before, no matter what I do, my feet always suffer, and you can almost guarantee at the end of the day they'll be sore and achy, but because of the padded insole in these, I've not struggled with that issue nearly as much. They've actually been a joy to wear throughout the day. 
Summer Sandals With Lunar Shoes*
Aswell as the padded insole they also have an elasticated back strap which I find is so much better than a buckle strap. This means they can be put on and taken off really easily and there is no pain from the strap digging in or feeling uncomfortable. One last thing I really like about the design of these sandals is the metallic toe plate at the front. It just adds to the glamourous style of these and looks beautiful in the sun. In fact these sandals really sparkle when the sun hits them and when I wore them last weekend, they received so many compliments from people. Price wise these sandals are currently £27.99 which I think is reasonable for a pair that last well, look stunning and provide comfort. The pink colour which I have is more rose gold I find especially in certain light but I don't mind at all, as that's what I'd usually go for when shopping for sandals. There are also two other colours available, silver and grey that I think would equally as beautiful as these.
Summer Sandals With Lunar Shoes*
I couldn't be more impressed with Lunar Shoes and these Samantha Sandals. They've already featured on my Instagram a few times and I have a feeling they will much more over the Summer. When ordering shoes online I do always worry a little as there's no chance to try before they arrive but I needn't have worried with these. They fitted perfectly and have exceeded any expectations I had. I honestly wouldn't hesitate to order from Lunar Shoes again, I'm actually already eyeing up a few other pairs! If you want to treat yourself and order a pair, have a look on their website to see the huge range available.

Have you tried any sandals from Lunar Shoes?

*Shoes provided for the purpose of this post

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