Friday 20 July 2018

4 Ways To De-Stress & Cheer Yourself Up

Do you ever have one of those days where you just wake up in a mood and you know it's not going to be a good day? I do, more often than not and it can be so hard to get anything done when you're just feeling stressed and in a slump. Though some days it seems impossible, most of the time I can kind of get myself out of it and usually that's with a bit of self care and time to myself so I thought I'd share the things I like to do in case any of you ever feel the same way.
4 tips on how to de-stress

Start The Day Off With A Shower

Or a bath, whatever you prefer! If I've woken up feeling really groggy, tired and irritable, a hot bath or shower really does the trick. If I decide to run a bath I'll add in some of my favourite Radox which I always have in as it's so cheap, and sometimes I'll also use a bath bomb. Sometimes I just find scrolling through social media or pinning on Pinterest is quite relaxing in the bath and other times I like to shut myself away with a good book. If I opt for a hot shower, I like to use some of my favourite products to make myself feel the best I can. I'll use my favourite shower gel, usually something from the body shop, I'll shave my legs, do a skincare routine and use my favourite haircare products. I usually end up getting out feeling far better than before and just that alone usually de-stresses me a little.

Have A Pamper Session

You can do this whilst in the bath if you prefer, but a little pamper is always a sure way to make you feel better about yourself. A face mask can cure so many problems! After my bath I like to pop on one, I usually have a few from Superdrug in my bathroom cabinet which are only about £1 and I'll also make the effort to do my nails. I always feel better when I've got fresh nails, does anyone else? and then I try to get ready for the day. Even just putting a little bit of makeup on makes me feel like a new woman!

Take A Walk

Getting out the house is something that massively helps with my mood. I sometimes have to psyche myself up for it because with working from home, you know it's effort sometimes but I always feel so good afterwards. Just a walk to the corner shop gets you some fresh air and it's better than being at home stewing over your mood and getting yourself worked up again. If you have a park nearby aswell if it's a nice day, why not take a book or a few magazines and just sit a read? Time away from your phone to focus on something else for a while, in the sun aswell, does wonders.

Find Time For What Makes You Happy

Whether that's baking a cake, popping to the supermarket, writing, whatever it is, try and find time to do that thing. It can be easy with work and life to forget to take time to do the things you enjoy too and when you've built up all of this stress sometimes you just need an hour or two to do that thing you love. When I'm feeling down or if I've just been a big ball of stress that day, just spending an hour in the kitchen making some brownies, really makes me feel good. It's something I know has a great end result, who doesn't love warm, gooey brownies? and I also get to share them with other people which is something else that makes me happy. I love creating food for others and when they enjoy it, it gives me such a buzz so something like this is kind of a two in one for me.

These probably all seem like quite basic things and they're definitely not groundbreaking but they're things that work for me, and might work for you too. With everyone constantly on the go all the time, just having a few hours to sit in the bath, read a book and partake in your favourite hobby, it really can do the world of good and completely alter your mood.

What do you like to do to cheer yourself up when you're feeling down?

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