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Current Netflix Top Picks #2

I've done quite a few TV/film related posts over the last year or so because I'm pretty much always watching something, usually some sort of boxset and I always like to share my recommendations and get others from other people too. A while ago I started almost a little Netflix series on my blog with some of my favourite picks at the time and as I've watched quite a few new things recently again I thought it was about time for a second post. Netflix have released some brilliant films recently so if you're looking for something new to get stuck into, hopefully this will give you some inspiration.
Current Netflix Top Picks #2
The Kissing Booth - I don't know why it took me so long to watch this! As soon as it arrived on Netflix, people on my Twitter timeline were raving about it but I'm one of those people that is then put off by that and so I just waited ages. One night though there was absolutely nothing else on so we gave this a watch and I absolutely loved it! It's about Elle who's never been kissed and she decides to run a kissing booth at her school's Spring Carnival. Here she finds herself kissing her secret crush, Noah Flynn, but the problem is he's the brother of her best friend. I never expected to enjoy it so much but I'm definitely going to be watching it again. It's cheesy, it's funny, and just a typical rom com. I also love that the two leads are together in real life!
The Kissing Booth
The Edge of 17 - Another film I'd put off for so long, I just never thought it looked that brilliant but it's another one I ended up really enjoying. It has a bit of a similar storyline to The Kissing Booth as it's about Nadine who is already struggling with life and then her older brother starts dating her best friend. It was definitely more deep than The Kissing Booth as Nadine has had other struggles too to deal with but definitely just as good. I loved the friendship between her and Erwin and really hope she got her happy ending too. Another great romcom if that's the sort of film you're into.
The Edge of 17
Set It Up - Netflix really are going for it with their original films at the moment and this was one I was so excited to see. I saw the trailer for it a few weeks before it was available to watch, and the film definitely didn't disappoint. It stars Zoey Deutch who I've really liked in films before and Glen Powell and together they are so funny. It's about two assistants in New York who are both struggling with the demands from their bosses. They decide to set them up on a date to try and get them off their backs, but obviously there are lots of twists and turns throughout. I've heard rumours of a sequel so I'm looking forward to seeing where they could take it next.
Set it up
Riverdale - I mentioned this in my May favourites and there was no way I could miss putting it in this post. It's one of those shows that some people love and some people hate. It took me such a long time to watch it as I'd heard such mixed things but I'm so glad I did, because I got hooked pretty quickly and now I'm so ready for series 3. The plot is centered around the character Archie and his friends who live in a small town that actually isn't that safe and has a lot of darkness and mystery surrounding it. The most recent series was based around who the 'blackhood killer' was and I'm so excited to see where it goes next. If you were a fan of Pretty Little Liars and want something to replace that, definitely give this a watch.
Jane The Virgin - I started this around the same time as Riverdale and I'm still trying to get through it as each series has a load of episodes but I do really enjoy it. It's about Jane, a devout catholic woman who discovers she was accidentally artificially inseminated. Quite quickly she is thrown into this new world of parenting and she has to make some tough decisions over who she wants to be with, her original boyfriend Michael or the baby's dad, Rafael. There is so much more to it than that but I wouldn't be able to explain it well enough to do it justice.I'm only near the end of series 2 and I think I have 2 more to go so I'm sure there's still loads more drama to come, but it's another great one to really get stuck into.
Jane the virgin
There were so many other shows and films I could have included in this post but these are a few that really stood out to me over the last few months. I'm so excited to see what else Netflix bring out this year as there have been some real winners recently.

What have you been loving on Netflix recently? Have you watched any of these?

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