Monday 4 June 2018

May Favourites - Musicals, Paris & Riverdale!

It actually doesn't seem like two minutes since I was last writing up a favourites post. This year is genuinely flying by now! Not that I'm complaining, I'm already waiting for Autumn and Winter again🙊 There wasn't too much I wanted to mention this time but I've tried to pull a few things together including our honeymoon to Paris and night away in London.
May Favourites - Musicals, Paris & Riverdale!
Paris - I couldn't really do a favourites post and not include our honeymoon. I've done a full post about it so I won't go on too much but I had to mention it. We went for 3 nights and whilst we didn't get to do everything we set out to, we saw so many amazing sights and had such a lovely time. The last few days in particular were so nice, we had gorgeous weather and it made everything just look even more beautiful! The Notre Dame area was my absolute favourite, just so calm and relaxed.
Notre Dame
Musicals - Aswell as Paris we also went to London for the night to see a show and I'm just in full on musical mode now. I was before we went to be honest, there are so many great soundtracks out there! We went to see Kinky Boots which was incredible and I could rave about it all day long. I have a full review up of it which you can find here, but in short it's just the best show. The soundtrack is fab so I highly recommend you give it a listen if you're a fan of musicals. Another soundtrack I'm actually a little obsessed with is Hamilton. I'm so desperate to go and see it, but tickets are beyond expensive and so hard to get hold of. One song in particular I just can't stop playing is First Burn, which is a new version of one of the songs in the actual musical. It's on youtube and it's 5 people who've played Eliza in Hamilton (one of the main characters) singing and it's just brilliant.
Next Just Pink Perfume - I've got a whole blog post dedicated to this so I won't go on too much but I've started using this again now Spring has started and I've totally fallen in love with it again. It's got the most gorgeous sweet scent and it really does just scream spring and summer, it's so perfect for this warm weather we've been having and holidays. It's only £12 for a 100ml bottle so a total bargain!
Next Just Pink
Riverdale - Why did it take me so long to watch this?! It was one of those shows on Netflix I just never really considered, and I'd heard mixed things about it. Some people seem to love it and others think it's a bit of cringey show but I personally really enjoy it. We got through it so quickly and got up to date just before the penultimate episode of series 2. I had my suspicions of who the BlackHood killer was, though I think it was quite obvious and I'm all for Betty and Jughead, I love them together! To say I'd put this show off for so long, I really loved it, I can't wait for more.
The Greatest Showman - I'm not sure if I've already mentioned this in a favourites post before or not but we got the DVD recently and I've been watching it loads! As we got it through sky we have a copy on the TV too so I'm always putting it on when there's nothing else on or if I just want to chill for a few hours. I honestly don't think I'll ever get bored of it, it's just the best film and the soundtrack is STILL going round and round in my head.
The Greatest Showman
Bath Bombs - I've been absolutely loving using lots of different bath bombs over the last few weeks. I had quite a few that I'd just not got round to using but with being so tired and achy from Paris and London, I've been having so many hot bubble baths so that has given me the perfect excuse to use them all up. I used the Lush April Showers one first and that made the water go a beautiful pastel pink colour. I'm actually going to do a full review of it so look out for that. I've also used the Splash bath bomb from Bomb Cosmetics which had one of the best scents of any bath bomb I've used in the past and also the new tiny ones from The Body Shop which are only about £1.50. I wasn't expecting much but I've been so impressed!
Lush April Showers
So that's pretty much everything I can think of for May. I'm still trying to get my love of blogging back and aside from our honeymoon, the last few months haven't been brilliant so it was a bit of a struggle trying to find lots of things to include this time! Anyway I hope May was good for you, make sure you give my blog post a read of our trip to Paris if you haven't already! You can find that here.

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