Thursday 28 June 2018

Created By Magic - Personalised Prints Review*

When it comes to different occasions throughout the year, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc I always try to get personalised presents, as like I've mentioned in blog posts before I just find they show real effort. With mine and George's 7 year anniversary coming up in just a few weeks I was looking for something that could celebrate that and then Created by Magic got in touch and asked if I'd like to review one of their prints, and of course I said yes! It was perfect timing.
Created by Magic - Personalised Prints Review*
I'm always buying prints for our home, we have a photo wall in our bedroom full of wonderful and weird prints and little postcards full of quotes, and I've even got a few dotted around the other rooms too. I don't know what it is but I can't help but buy more, I just want my home to be full of things that are us and I find things like this are, they make this flat feel more homely and really allow for us to put our own stamp on the place. I was absolutely spoilt for choice when I had a look on the Created by Magic website as they do such a range from wedding prints, to birthdays, christenings and so much more. After much deliberation though I went for the Long Story Short print. As I had our anniversary in my mind, I thought this one would be perfect. You can add in all of your special dates from when you first met, moved in together, got married and more, and it's just such a wonderful print. I got it in a pink background as I thought it could go in our joint office maybe on my desk, and that's sort of the colour I'm going for.
Created by Magic - Personalised Prints Review*
I was so impressed with the different choices you can make when creating your personalised print. From different colours, sizes, and finishes, you really do get to create it exactly how you want and if you want something completely unique to you, the team at Created by Magic are happy to chat and work on something from scratch. I am so happy with how our print has turned out and I think it's going to look lovely in a white frame in the office. I love that it has all of our special dates and really celebrates us as a couple. The print itself feels great quality, it arrived unframed and well packaged. There was a little bend in one of the corners but I have a feeling that's happened when the postman has put it through the letterbox but it's really not noticeable and once it's in a frame it'll be even less so. The cost of this particular print is £18 which I tend to find is the usual sort of price for personalised prints. Having the option to customise and make it as you wish definitely makes paying that worth it I think.
Created by Magic - Personalised Prints Review*
I just adore this and it was exactly how I hoped it would be. If you're wanting to make someone feel special then I couldn't recommend a personalised print from Created by Magic enough. There really is such a variety to choose from on their website and all make wonderful gifts for any events you may have coming up.

Are you a fan of personalised gifts?

*Print provided for the purpose of this post

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