Wednesday 20 June 2018

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #28

It feels like forever since I last did one of these foodie posts! It's definitely been a while but I've just had loads of other posts I've wanted to get up first so this had to take a backseat. This one is definitely full of tasty food and drink though, all of it I want again right now 😭
Food I Have Been Loving This Week #28
So many drinks - As we seemed to have a few weeks of really hot weather, I got a little obsessed with Fanta Lemon! Isn't it just the best? It's so refreshing and it always reminds me of Summer and holidays. We actually had it a few times in Paris too and it just tastes so much better when you're away! I've also been loving a new flavour from Vimto too. It's the raspberry, orange and passionfruit and it's so nice! It's like a cheaper version of my all time favourite Red Pop by Faygo which is American and unfortunately not available over here anymore.

Crepes - On our first full day in Paris we stopped off at a little cafe which served a huge range of crepes. You kind of have to have one in Paris don't you? I went for the maple syrup one and George had the salted butter caramel, they were delicious! I wish we'd had time to go back and try more.

Milka Daim - We picked these Milka Daim Clusters up from duty free before getting the Eurostar back home and they were incredible. I'm pretty sure we can get similar things here but there was just something about them, they were so creamy but the crunch from the daim was so good. They were incredibly moreish and we should have definitely got more to bring home.

Strawberries & Meringue - Finally something healthy! I've been loving strawberries recently. I only tend to really get them now in the Spring and Summer months as that's when they're really sweet and juicy. I've been really enjoying having them for breakfast or having them with yoghurt and broken up meringue as a little snack or dessert.

Crosstown Doughnuts - I'm pretty sure after every trip to London I then include Crosstown Doughnuts in one of these posts, but how could I not? They are legit the best doughnuts I've ever tasted and we always get some when we visit London. Last time we shared the cinnamon swirl one which is just heaven and the chocolate truffle which is pure indulgence. It's probably a good job we can only get these in London as I'd be wanting them all the time otherwise.

Capri-Suns - More drinks 🙊Capri-suns are an all time favourite of mine. I don't get them loads as they're not the cheapest but every so often they're just a nice treat for me for the week. I got the tropical flavour last time and it's so refreshing!

Shake Shack - Also on our last trip to London we took a visit to Covent Garden and stopped off at Shake Shack. We've only been once before but since then I'd been desperate for us to go again, we'd just never found the time or had other stuff planned. It was so worth the wait though, I had the hot dog for the first time and it was amazing! I already know I want that again next time. George had one of the original burgers and we shared some cheesy fries. It's expensive but as we don't get to go often, I don't mind spending it.

Have you been to Shake Shack or tried Crosstown Doughnuts?

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