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Preventing Theft On Your Summer Holidays*

With Summer just around the corner, most people are probably dreaming of hot weather, days at the beach and unlimited cocktails, all of the nice things that come with being on holiday, but there are some more serious things that need to be considered if you're jetting away any time soon. Each time I go away, even if that's just for a short weekend break I'm always conscious of making sure I'm aware at all times of my belongings as theft can be a big issue. In fact just before we went to Paris for our honeymoon I read about a few scams and ways that people could try to pickpocket you and the 'gold ring' scam actually happened to us within the first few hours! So there are definitely things you need to think about before and during a summer holiday, so this post is all about my tips for making sure you stay safe and prevent theft of any precious belongings! There are also a few tips for making sure your home is safe whilst you're away too.
Preventing Theft On Your Summer Holidays

On Holiday:

Keep your valuable items in a safe - You're almost guaranteed to have a safe in your hotel room so I really recommend leaving any valuables and important documents in there for the duration of your stay. This includes things like travel documents such as passports, booking confirmations, tickets etc, all of the things you don't want to be misplaced or at risk of being taken. Any house keys you take with you aswell should go in there and money. Any money you're not taking out with you should definitely be out of sight.

Only take out the money you need for the day - Following on from what I've just mentioned, only take out the money you think you'll need for the day. If you were to take all of your cash out with you on day 1 and you either then lose it or it gets taken, there is no way of getting that back and you're kind of stuck for the rest of the holiday. In Paris we tried to account a certain amount for each day, and left the the rest in the safe meaning that we never had loads on us at one time.

Keep bags in front of you - If you want to take a bag out with you, try to keep it in front of you to prevent pickpockets. I had an over the shoulder bag on me in Paris and I tried to keep that at the front rather than the side so I could to prevent any risks of people being able to take anything without me realising. Also simple things like making sure bags are shut and pockets on jackets are zipped up are important.

Don't leave your bags unattended at the beach/pool - No matter how safe and friendly your hotel or destination might seem, you always have to be aware of your surroundings as that's when people can catch you out. If you're at the beach or relaxing by the pool and need to move even just for a few minutes, make sure someone can watch your bags. Whether it's another family member or the person next to you, just ensure there is someone that can keep an eye on your belongings.

At Home:

Ensure all windows and doors are locked - This might seem really obvious but it's so easy to just forget that one window somewhere and that could be the one that puts your home at risk. Ensure all windows around the house are shut and locked and check every door is shut and secure. Also remember things like shutting the curtains before you go as otherwise people may be able to see in at night and notice no one is in.

Don't post everything on social media - As exciting as going on holiday is, please don't post it all over social media! I never give out exact dates in the run up any holiday as you never know who's reading what you put online and looking for an opportunity. I also try to be careful of what I post whilst I'm actually away. I tend to post any photos I want to share at the end of each day which stops people from knowing your exact location at the time.

Obviously going on a summer holiday is always fun and exciting but these are definitely things that you should consider and remember in the lead up to prevent anything ruining it for you. If for any reason something does go wrong though on holiday and you need legal advice, you can contact DPP Law at who will be happy to assist you and help in any way.

*This post is in collaboration with DPP Law

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