Thursday 21 June 2018

My Dream Home Office - An Update Of Where We're At & My Hopes*

As I've spoken about our 'office' several times on my blog I thought it was about time I do a proper update post on where we're at with it. If you've read my blog for a while then you'll have seen me talk about this office several times, it's been a work in progress pretty much since we moved in over 3 years ago and it's only since the start of this year that we've really started to actually do something with it. Our spare room has basically been a nightmare since the beginning but with me blogging full time now and George working from home more often, it was time to finally make it into an office, and I'm pleased to say we have actually made some real progress!
My Dream Office - An Update Of Where We're At & My Hopes*

Where we're at

So far we've pretty much been focused on getting rid of everything in there! To make the room into an office, to start with we both kind of assigned ourselves a side, so I would have one half of the room with my desk and area to take blog photos etc, and George would have a side with a smaller desk for when he's at home and storage on that side too. To get the furniture in that we wanted, we've started getting rid of what we had before - wardrobes, drawers etc that were here when we moved in which we didn't particularly love or need. We've already bought and put up a storage unit which has been so useful for odd bits we have no other place for, towels, bedding, paperwork etc. We got the Kallax one from IKEA and instead of the wooden boxes like on the picture we got some others which match more with the colour scheme I'm trying to go for. We've also gone through another tall storage unit we have and sorted it into sections for all of my blog stuff to make life a bit easier when I'm working and need to find something! Apart from that I've pretty much just been buying things to decorate the room with! That's the best bit though. I bought a copper geo style mirror from Primark for only £5 to go up near the storage boxes, lots of candles, notebooks, prints, posters etc. I love this Friends one I bought for the door. All of these things mean though that once the desks are up, it's pretty much finished.
My Dream Office - An Update Of Where We're At & My Hopes*

What still needs doing

Following on from what I've just said, desks are the only thing missing from the room really. I've chosen the one I want which has loads of room for lots of pretty things, I'm hoping to get some nice photo frames to dot around it, a decent space for my laptop, a magnetic back so I can put any notes up when I'm working, and then plenty of space underneath where I'm going to put another little table I think. I was thinking a little white table like the ones IKEA do for about £5 would be perfect because then I can just pull that out when I want to take blog photos. Aside from a smaller desk for George, a few other things to put up on the walls, and a new light we're pretty much done. I've been really struggling to figure out what sort of light to go for though so I've been looking at Urban Cottage Industries. They are an online retailer for factorylux lighting and they have such a unique range of lampshades all for affordable prices. They allow for you to make your own lamp shade which I think would be so cool for the office! As they do so many different styles for each room, I know something from here would be nothing like we already have and would be the perfect finishing touch to the office.

My hopes

It might not sound like we've done loads to the room but honestly it was in such a state so I'm really happy that we're finally close to finishing it all. I've wanted a proper office for so long so I'm just so excited to see it all at the end. I'm hoping it's going to make me a bit more productive as I definitely struggle to get stuff done when I'm not at a desk and I've needed a space like this for ages. I just hope it's what we've imagined when it's done, though the progress has been slow, I'm sure it will be worth it and I can't wait to show you the finished result.
My Dream Office - An Update Of Where We're At & My Hopes*
*In collaboration with Urban Cottage Industries

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