Wednesday 27 June 2018

5 Must Have Apps For Bloggers

I'm on my phone far more than I should be but that's not to say I'm always aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and Twitter. So much goes into blogging that is far more than writing blog post after blog post and there are always things that can be done to help us keep growing and improving. When I can I like to try and keep up to date with all things blogging, whether that's commenting on posts, scheduling tweets or editing photos, I pretty much always have something that needs doing so I thought a post about the apps I currently use to help with all of this might be useful.
5 Must Have Apps For Bloggers including Buffer, Paypal, Influenster, Bloglovin


I know there's been a lot of negative stuff said about Buffer recently as they've made some changes that don't make life too easy for us bloggers but they're still my favourite to use for scheduling tweets. I've tried others but I just can't get used to them. With Buffer it's so simple, just write your tweet, add in the link and any tags or hashtags you want to include and then choose the day and time you want that to go out. The issue I have with Buffer is that you can only schedule 10 tweets at a time on the free version so you can't plan days ahead with this but to be honest it's not a major thing for me as I tend to check buffer once I've posted a new blog post anyway so I can just get them all scheduled at once for the next day.


I love using this app for reading and commenting on other blog posts. It's so important I think to support one another and a little comment goes such a long way sometimes. That one comment on a post could make someones day. I also find Bloglovin is great for getting inspiration for new blog posts. When I say that I don't mean outright copying someone, but sometimes you see a post and it gives you an idea for a blog post of your own.


I don't use any fancy editing apps for my photos. I've seen loads of others recommended by bloggers but I think I do okay with a basic one called InstaEditor. This gives you a few different options when it comes to your photos, you can add a range of filters or you can just do what I do and adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of your photos. I don't think my photos look too bad and that's literally all I do to them. The app is completely free to so if you don't really know where to start with editing then this is a good one to try.


If you're wanting to work with brands then this app is a brilliant one to have. The way it works is that you add in all of your details and just start reviewing products you already own and filling out little surveys. Keeping on top of these surveys puts you in the running for any brand collaborations that come up. It does require a little bit of work, it's unlikely you'll instantly get anything from it but eventually you do get success. I got to work with Real Techniques via this app reviewing their latest brush collection and it was definitely one of my most exciting collaborations so it's well worth having and sticking with.


I love having paypal on my phone as many brands pay via this and everytime you get a payment you get a notification. This is fab as it means you don't have to always be checking if a payment has come in yet and it also saves the hassle of only being able to look on the laptop/computer which isn't always possible. It's a good way of keeping track of your payments too as they'll all be listed on your account and as you get notifications, if you've been expecting something and it hasn't come through that day, you can send a quick email on your phone wherever you are.

Are any of these your go to apps aswell?

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