Wednesday 13 June 2018

Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn Book Review

Following on from last weeks book review of The Husbands Secret, todays post is a review of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I'd had this book for absolutely ages but like so many others it was one that I put on the bookshelf and soon forgot about. As I've said in previous posts I need to be in the right frame of mind to get stuck into a book and it's not been until recently that I have been so many books have just been waiting to be read! I ended up taking this to Paris with me and then I finished it once we got home, and I honestly couldn't put it down.
Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn Book Review
'Alternating between the present-day narrative of husband Nick Dunne and the past diary entries of his wife Amy, we learn their previously perfect marriage has come undone following a move from New York to semi-rural Missouri. Amy inexplicably disappears without trace, apparently pregnant; Nick, whose emotions seem to betray little outward signs of grief or worry, is the prime suspect. However, is all that we read the truth? Is Amy genuinely missing, and, if not, what could be her possible motive?'

My Review

 I'd seen the film of Gone Girl a few times before reading this and I'd always thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the film is just brilliant so I was really intrigued to see how the book would compare and whether I'd enjoy it as much. I know most of the time you read the book before the film but like I said until recently I've just not wanted to read so I did things the other way round. Throughout the whole book we flit from Nick Dunne's narrative, the husband currently a suspect in the case of his missing wife, and the missing wife herself Amy. Pretty much from the beginning you can work out that not all is as it seems with Amy's disappearance and as the story goes on it becomes more and more suspicious.  

As you can probably predict Nick becomes the main focus of the investigation but with the help of his sister and a top lawyer, he wants to try and prove that Amy has set this all up herself to frame him and he's completely innocent. This makes for such a tense story and whilst even though I knew because of the film how it was going to end, if I'd not seen it I wouldn't have been able to work out at all. It's one of those stories that genuinely leaves you on the edge of your seat and you just can't predict anything. It's so cleverly written and it goes into so much detail, so much that isn't part of the film so if like me you had only seen the film, I think it's well worth giving the book a go too. Whilst both of the characters aren't that likeable, I thought it was really easy to get into both of their heads and also the way it's written means that you can never really trust either character. Whilst Amy's certainly no angel, I didn't feel a massive amount of sympathy for Nick either, they both had their issues and it's easy to see how both can't be trusted. It's actually quite a disturbing story and some parts are so shocking to read, and to see on the film too but I also think it's brilliant. I think Gillian Flynn has created something amazing with this book, and now I really want to read more from her in future. I was hooked all the way through and genuinely couldn't put it down, so really I couldn't recommend it enough if you're looking for a good thriller.

Have you ever read Gone Girl? or seen the film?

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Rosie Ireland said...

I devoured this book before the film came out, I was actually addicted to it, I think I read it in two days! And then I loved the film, it's so good and close to the book!

Great review!


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