Friday 1 June 2018

An A-Z Of Me!

I first saw this blog post on the lovely Zoe's blog last month and I thought then that I'd love to do my own at some point. These tag sort of posts are always my favourites to read and I've done so many like it in the past. I then read Gemma's version too and that kind of pushed me to get writing my answers. I definitely underestimated how hard it would be coming up with so many different things about myself! Some were virtually impossible but I'm really glad I've done it.
An A-Z Of Me!
A - Animals. I pretty much love all animals and would look after them all if I could! I love dogs, bears, cats, llamas, basically everything apart from snakes and spiders.

B - Baking. My absolute favourite hobby. It doesn't matter how I'm feeling, baking totally chills me out. I love creating new bakes and also re-visiting some old favourites, and one of my favourite things to do is to bake for other people. There's something so satisfying about making one of your favourite cakes and other people liking it.

C - Cooking. Kind of the same as baking I suppose. To say I never used to have a clue how to boil an egg, I think I do alright now. I love making a roast dinner, I excelled myself with Christmas dinner last year and I absolutely love making proper comforting meals in the winter like pies and casseroles.

D - Dogs. I've already mentioned them briefly but dogs are basically my entire life. After growing up with the most incredible dog, I'm desperate for George and I to get our own soon. I feel like being a dog mum is my calling at the moment 😂

E - Eating. I could do it all day, everyday, and kind of do. I just love food! Most of the time I'm a savoury sort of girl, give me all the crisps but I do love a good bar of chocolate or slice of cake too.

F - Flowers. I definitely don't have flowers in our home enough but during summer a lovely bunch in the kitchen is always nice. I love roses, especially pink ones.

G - George. I couldn't really put anything else for this could I? My husband and absolute rock. God knows where I'd be now without him.

H - Hotels. There is always something so exciting about staying in a hotel. That kind of excites me just as much as the actual location we're in. I love seeing our room for the first time, having a huge comfy bed to settle down in and just being away from home for a little while.

I - Introvert. Kind of sums me up. I'm definitely not an out there person and if you were to meet me I'd probably be extremely awkward and shy. It takes a while for me to come out of my shell but once you get to know me, I like to think I make quite a good friend and I also find myself hilarious most of the time. I'm just not one of those people that can deal with being the centre of attention or spend ages chatting to anyone, I like alone time and just chilling at home.

J - Juice. Juice and Fizzy Pop are pretty much an addiction of mine! I'm just obsessed with it. Fresh orange juice is absolute heaven, as is fresh apple juice, nothing better in a morning! I could spend loads of money on it each week.

K - Kindness. I like to think I'm a kind person. I think in this world, like Zoe mentioned in her post, there is so much negativity everywhere and it's really not hard to be kind to one another. You never know what another person is going through and a smile or a text message could make their day.

L- London. My absolute favourite place in the entire world. I don't think they'll ever be a day where I don't love it. I've been countless times now and yet I always find something new everytime and I never find it boring. I want to keep going for many years to come, and it's one of my dreams to live there one day.

M - Musicals. I can't get enough of musicals at the moment! After seeing Wicked twice a few years ago now and seeing Kinky Boots just last week, I've kind of fallen in love with all things musical theatre. I still remember that buzz of walking into the theatre and seeing a show for the first time, and in Wicked when Defying Gravity starts, the tears!! I've always got some sort of musical soundtrack on whilst I'm blogging, at the moment Hamilton is on repeat!

N - Nachos. One of my go to snacks at the cinema, ahh I just love them. I do love it when we make our own chilli cheese nachos though, they're pretty great on a Saturday night.

O - (The) Office. I think this still counts, it's just the best TV show! I can't believe how long it took us to get round to starting it but we've been pretty much obsessed with it for a few years now. I could watch it over and over again. Michael Scott is a legend and will forever be one of my favourite characters.

P - Paddington. This bear, I love him. The first Paddington film combined my love of bears and London and it's one of my go to movies when I'm in need of cheering up. The second film though is just as good and I couldn't recommend it enough. I don't think any films will ever top these for me!

Q - Quiet Time. I definitely think quiet time to just chill by yourself and reflect is so important. I enjoy my own company and like having some time to do what I want and also sometimes I just need silence! I find if I'm in a bad mood or having a stressful day, a few hours to myself to relax in the bath or do some baking, really helps.

R - Reading. I've really got back into reading recently and I'm enjoying it so much. Getting lost in a good book is heaven, you have something else to focus on for a while that's not your own life. If I'm going through something or just need to escape, then a book is a must for me. I don't have to think about anything other than the characters on the page.

S - Sleep. I love a good nights sleep, and if I don't get it, I'm so grumpy the next day. I love getting snug at night, having that really tired feeling and just drifting off without any trouble. I go through phases with my sleep, I'll go months basically as an insomniac and other months where I'm shattered and asleep by 11pm.

T - Travelling. I love travelling whether that's just less than hour to go to Leeds or Manchester or somewhere a bit more exciting like Paris. I absolutely love trains and I find the travelling part of any holiday or weekend away is just as fun as actually being there.

U - Underground. When we're in London I love getting the underground. I know for a lot of people with anxiety, London in itself would be hell, and especially the underground but I absolutely love it. I'm the calmest I ever am when I'm there and I never have any worries about the underground. I feel like I've got the hang of it now and I'm really proud that when we went in November I got around by myself while George was working and I was totally like I could do this everyday!

V - Very Organised. I am annoyingly organised sometimes. I hate any sort of mess and it's definitely something that sets my anxiety off so I like things to be in order and tidy. I try to be as organised as possible when it's comes to making sure things are done in the flat, and the same goes for blogging. I love making lists for everything that needs doing and ticking it off as the day goes on.

W - Writing. I could write for hours and hours sometimes once I turn the laptop on. I've always enjoyed it and blogging gave me somewhere to put it all if that makes sense. With my blog I can write about just about anything and I love that about it, and I love that people like to listen to my rambles.

X - I have wracked my brain over this and can't think of a single thing!

Y - York. We went to York recently for a few nights and had the most wonderful time. It was such a beautiful city, we stayed in a dreamy hotel and got to see so much. I already want to go back! I never expected to love it as much as I did.

Z - Zoos. I've actually not been to a Zoo in a long time but I really enjoy them! I know they're a bit of a love/hate thing for some people but I personally think as long as the animals are happy and not being harmed in anyway, then they're not too bad are they? I'd love to go to one this summer, I think that would be a nice day out in the sun.

Some of these were definitely a struggle but I loved reading my answers back. Let me know if you give this a go on your blog, I'd love to read your answers!

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