Wednesday 4 July 2018

Adding The Finishing Touches To Our Office With Furniture At Work*

It was only a few weeks ago I posted a little office update explaining that we had finally after literally years of living here, made some progress and were actually close to it being a fully functioning room for both George and I! Now we're really only weeks off finishing it I'd say, I've been looking at a few final bits that I think we need to invest into really make the room exactly how we hoped.

Though the desk is kind of the main thing left to get, I'm also really hoping to pick up a few extra bits of furniture to really make the room look like an office, and help us stay organised when we're both working in there. I've got an idea in my head of some sort of floating shelves above one of our desks to store some of our never ending notebooks, blog props and photos. I've been getting some inspiration from Pinterest and I think it would fill a space and just complete the room. I love the look of the idea below from IKEA with the pop of pink from the files.
Adding The Finishing Touches To Our Office With Furniture At Work*
When it comes to my desk, I think I'm pretty much sorted but one thing I am left to get is a letter tray and desk organiser, both of which I think are just going to really neaten things up. Though a lot of my work is on the laptop, I do have things I like to keep from brands which could go on the letter tray and also it's a great way of storing my invoices just so I have another copy ready to refer to when I need to. I love this pink one as it's so unique with it being wire and the pastel pink is exactly what I'm going for.
Adding The Finishing Touches To Our Office With Furniture At Work*
The last thing that is actually kind of a priority is an office chair. At the moment we tend to just take a chair in from the kitchen which isn't the nicest, especially when you're sat on it for a long period of time so we definitely need to invest in one that's comfortable and not going to do us any damage. The problem I've found so far though is that I just don't know what to go for and it's hard to find one that actually goes with the room! Furniture At Work recently did a survey though which showed that 65% of 1000 respondents agreed that the colour of your furniture could affect motivation levels, and so they started at looking at how you can incorporate your own style into your office design. They've captured the style of a few celebrities and discovered their ideal chair based on their style. One of the celebrities they've chosen is Taylor Swift. For her they've chosen The Mesh Look. This is a versatile style that can be paired with a variety of colours for a sleek, authentic look.
Furniture At Work
I think the one that is most similar to me though is The Neutral Look. I'm not that adventurous with my style and like to go for blacks and light colours so I think this one is quite apt for me.
Furniture At Work
Aswell as Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, there are also other celebrities each with their own unique look and you can find more on the website. I'd love to know which one you think you're most suited to? I'm just so excited now for this office to be complete, it seems to have taken forever but I'm sure once everything is in, it'll have all been worth it!

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*This post is in collaboration with Furniture at Work

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