Monday 22 October 2018

5 Ways To Make Coming Home From Holiday A Little Bit Easier

It's never nice coming home from a holiday is it? It's something you plan for, get so excited about and then before you know it, it's over and you're already on your way back. Like most people, I absolutely adore going on holiday, I have done for as long as I can remember, and now it doesn't matter where George and I are going, or for how long for, I always get so excited and it will be something I look forward to for months. That usually means though when I get home and it's back to reality, I seriously struggle and it can really affect my mood for a long time. In particular, with our trips to London. The more trips we've taken there though, whilst I always want to stay longer, it has gotten a little easier to deal with so I thought I'd share a few of my tips for making sure that coming home, from wherever it may be, isn't always the worst thing in the world.
Notre Dame, Paris

Clean your home before you go

Before you even go anywhere, give your home a proper deep clean! Whilst coming home from a holiday is never nice, walking into a clean and tidy house, makes it a little bit easier. There is nothing worse than already being on a bit of a comedown after such a great time away to then walk in to a load of mess you'd forgotten about, instant stress! A few days before we go anywhere one thing I always do is change the bed - fresh bedding is always nice and it makes that first night back in your bed, so comforting. I also give each room a deep clean, Zoflora becomes my best friend, but it means that when we come back, I can just sit and relax and remember our holiday rather than straight away having to get back into the old routine.

Have stuff planned for when you're back

I think it's such a good idea to already have a few plans lined up for the upcoming week after your holiday. It can be easy to wallow when you've had an amazing time away and just think, well there's nothing else to look forward to now but before you go, come up with a few ideas ready to get going with once you're home. One thing George and I love doing is going to the cinema so even if we just plan that for one night the following week, it's something I know we enjoy and will cheer me up if I am feeling a bit down. Even if you don't fancy going out, you can't beat a cosy movie night and that's something else I always look forward to. Put on a good film, get cosy under a blanket and eat ALL the snacks!

Take lots of photos

I'm always trying to strike the right balance between living in the moment but also taking as many photos as possible for us to look back on. I'm sure most bloggers will understand that when you're away, it's a great opportunity for those Insta shots but it's important to be present and not just be annoying everybody else by constantly snapping away. Now, I do still take quite a lot of photos whenever we're away but they're more for us rather than anybody else and always thinking, oh I'll just share this. Now when I'm away, if I want to share something I'll do it later on in the day when we're back in the hotel or if we have a bit of downtime rather than interrupting the moment to be on social media, it's just not important. With all of the photos I do take, when we're back I like to print some off to put into our scrapbook or a photo album which means we've always got those memories to sit and look through rather than just on our phone.

Buy a souvenir to remind you of the trip

I always like to bring a little something home from each holiday. It doesn't matter if it's a holiday abroad like Paris, or another trip to London, I always find some sort of souvenir or memento I can bring back with me and therefore have something to remember that trip by. It doesn't have to be anything major, I personally have a little collection of postcards from each place I've visited over the last few years and I love looking through them. I didn't buy much during our last trip to London, I never do really as it's not about that for me but one thing I did get was a bookmark and postcard with a quote from the film Notting Hill, actually from the original Notting Hill book shop and I think they were a good choice as a little memento for that specific trip.

Plan your next trip

There is absolutely no harm in planning and looking forward to the next trip once you're home. Having something else in mind always gives me that motivation to work extra hard and just gives me that boost that I usually need. I love the build up to our next holiday, it doesn't matter if it's weeks away or a year ahead, that feeling when it finally arrives it just the best. Also if you want to get something booked straight away, it's not actually a bad idea as usually the earlier you book, the cheaper it is!

It's always sad coming back home after a holiday and whilst these tips might not be groundbreaking, they really do help me get back to some sort of normality and they mean I'm able to think about the holiday without breaking down 😂. Hopefully if you struggle with the holiday blues too then this is useful for you aswell.

How do you get over the post holiday blues?

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Sam said...

These are some great tips! I love going through my photos after a trip.
I always think the best way to feel better after a holiday is to book another one!

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