Monday 1 October 2018

September Favourites - Heathers, Homesense & Autumnal Nails

It's October already and I couldn't be more happy about it! These last few months are without a doubt, the best. It's colder, leaves are falling, Christmas is on the way. I just can't wait for the next few weeks!
Collage - Mean Girls the musical, Kinky Boots the film, Heathers the film, DW Home candle, Nails Inc Victoria Nail Polish, London Trinket Dish
A thoughtful gift - One of the best things about blogging is all of the wonderful people I've got to know because of it. I definitely don't have that many people outside of blogging so it's been such a pleasure to actually become friends with some other bloggers and people who take the time out to read my blog. One of those people is the lovely Laura who sent me a little present a few weeks ago, a gorgeous London Trinket Dish. She knows my love for London and thought of me when she saw it, and I couldn't have been happier when she said she picked it up for me as a little gift. I've been using it for some of my photos and I just absolutely love it. Thank you so much Laura 💖
New Look London Trinket Dish
Autumnal candles - Autumn is always my favourite time to buy new candles. I'd just finished up some in the living room so when we went to Manchester, it was the perfect opportunity to pop into Homsense and TK Maxx, and luckily they had just started stocking their new seasonal ranges. I picked up 3 in the end, 2 mini ones for the living room which smell perfect for the colder months, and a bigger one for our bathroom and I'm just obsessed with them! They were all such bargains too.
DW Home Candle
Heathers - I'm a bit weird in that I don't usually like to watch 'old' films but we watched the original Heathers film from 1989 last month and I absolutely loved it. If you've not heard of it before, the only way I can describe it is Mean Girls with murder, but there's much more to it than that. It's a really funny film which stars Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. It's actually been turned into a musical and as it's back for a limited West End run we've booked tickets to see it, for next week actually and I can't wait. I'm incredibly excited to see how it plays out on stage and if it lives up to the film!
Heathers the film
Kinky Boots - I'm quite clearly a massive fan of the musical Kinky Boots, I've mentioned it in several posts over the last year and I've also done a full review of when George and I saw it in London earlier this year. Despite loving the show and soundtrack so much, we'd never actually seen the film. Like with the musical, you might think a story about a factory selling shoes wouldn't be that interesting but it's told so well and the film is absolutely brilliant! I'm so glad we watched it and it only gave me more of an understanding of the true story and how it went from a struggling family business to a place making shoes for drag queens! It's been out a long time now but it's so worth watching if you haven't seen.
Kinky Boots the film
Nails Inc Victoria Nail Polish - The shade Victoria from Nails Inc has been a go to of mine since last year and I'm more obsessed with it than ever before at the moment. It's such a gorgeous deep plum colour, meaning it's so perfect for Autumn and Christmas. It lasts really well, applies very easily and just looks stunning. I've been adding the shade Chelsea Embankment which is a gold glitter on top of one nail too and the colours go perfectly together.
Nails Inc Victoria Nail Polish
Mean Girls the Musical - I really don't know why I do it to myself. I listen to one or two songs from a new musical and within hours I'm hooked. Mean Girls is the latest musical to get my attention. I'd heard a few songs a couple of months ago but I was fully enthralled with Hamilton still then so nothing else really stood out to me, until now. As I've been getting excited for our trip to London next week and seeing Heathers, I've been listening to that a lot and occasionally a song from the new Mean Girls musical would come on. Well I decided to give it a proper listen and now I can't stop. I absolutely love the film and I really think they've done it justice with the show. I so wish it would come to London now as it's doing so well on broadway.
Mean Girls the musical
How was your September? Are you embracing Autumn now too?

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