Monday 24 June 2019

Top Tips For Lighting Your Bedroom*

Your bedroom should be a calm and comfortable space for you to relax and rest. The decor and lighting plays a huge role in the general ambiance of your bedroom and there are aspects of the room that should be carefully planned during the initial stages of design. Unless your bedroom is tiny, you'll need more than one light source, such as a ceiling light and a lamp. There are so many options where lights are concerned, so don't jump into anything too quickly.
Layering different types of lighting is usually a good idea because it allows you to use the room in a variety of different ways. For instance, you might want to add practical spotlights to the interior of your wardrobe so that you can see what you're doing when picking out your clothes. A lamp on your bedside cabinet will be perfect for nights when you want to snuggle up with a book before you go to sleep. Flexible LED strip lights make for a great addition to any bedroom! They can be used to softly emphasise or draw attention to things like a vanity area, a lavish window seat or even a luxurious headboard.

Be sure not to install any lights directly above your bed because your eyes won't like it when you're lying down. Going soft and subtle with your lighting is also a great option in the bedroom because bright lights can be quite harsh when it's early in the morning or late at night. You could consider adding a dimmer switch bedside your bed so that you can alter the mood in the room without having to leave your snuggly sheets.

Sometimes all it takes is a little thought and some creativity and you have yourself a stunning place that you can be proud of.

*This is a collaborative post with Inspyer Lighting

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Joy said...

Love these tips. It is surprising how small things can have an impact.

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