Monday 10 June 2019

The Mid Year Book Tag 2019

My blog and my Instagram are both quite book heavy at the moment but I'm having another one of those months where literally any opportunity I can, I'll pick up a book. Last Summer I took part in the Mid Year Book Tag so now we're halfway through 2019 already (how?!) I thought I would take part again. I've read a lot of books so far this, well a lot for me anyway, so I'm excited to see what books have replaced last years!
Stack of books, Johnny Be Good, Baby Be Mine, Tell Me A Secret, You Had Me At Hello
1. Best book you've read so far in 2019?
It has to be The Tattooist Of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. It was the first book I picked up this year and I mentioned in my review that it was going to take a lot to beat it, and so far nothing has. It's a tough read at times but overall a beautiful love story that I'd recommend to anyone.

2. Best sequel you've read so far in 2019?
Baby Be Mine by Paige Toon which is the follow up to Johnny Be Good. I've said a lot that Paige Toon is one of my favourite authors and these books were just yet another enticing read that had me hooked straight away. I loved getting the chance to read more about Johnny and Meg's relationship in Baby Be Mine and seeing where life took them next.

3. New release you haven't read yet, but want to?
I have quite a few actually that I'm waiting to get my hands on including The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary, Don't You Forget About Me by Mhairi McFarlane and Happiness For Beginners by Carole Matthews.

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year?
I've seen a lot about The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney recently and I'm so intrigued! It's definitely one I want to pick up in a few months time. Also the latest from David Lagercrantz, The Girl Who Lived Twice is one I'd like to read at some point.

5. Biggest disappointment?
I always feel bad saying which books I didn't like but this year there has surprisingly been a few! Obsession by Amanda Robson had such a great premise I thought but ended up being unbearable to read at times. The Surrogate by Louise Jensen was kind of ruined by the ending in my opinion too.

6. Biggest surprise?
With Or Without You by Carole Matthews. I expected to like it, anything with a bit of romance is right up my street but I adored it! It's a very close second The Tattooist Of Auschwitz when it comes to my favourite books of the year. I also really enjoyed The Guilty Wife by Elle Croft. I'm not sure why but I went into it thinking it would be just okay but honestly, I couldn't recommend it enough. The ending is a shocker.
With Or Without You by Carole Matthews book held up in front of a stack of books to the right side
7. Favourite new author?
I've absolutely loved reading some of Jane Fallon's books this year. After reading Tell Me A Secret, I just knew she was going to be another author like Paige Toon where I just have to try and get through all of her books. I've read 4 now so I'm working my way through!

8. New fictional crush?
Ooh it's got to be Olly from Everything Everything. I adored the film and the book was such a lovely read, I was rooting for both characters so much!

9. Favourite new character?
Probably Meg from Johnny Be Good, I loved her. She was just a normal girl who you could relate to yet she was complicated and frustrating at the same time if that makes sense. Just someone I found I could really root for. I did also really like Cherry from All That She Can See though.

10. A book that has made you cry?
I don't think any book has made me cry so far this year. I think the closest I'd have got would be with Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. Another book that did make me really feel, though not cry, was I Know My Name by C.J Cooke. That ending had me messed up for days.

11. A book that made you happy?
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society made me beam throughout. I just adored it.

12. Favourite review you've written?
I've actually not written as many reviews as I thought I would this year, I've been posting mini ones on Insta stories if you want to follow me over on Instagram, but I think one of my favourites is probably The Man Who Didn't Call by Rosie Walsh. It wasn't a book that I instantly fell in love with but by the end I was so glad I read it.

13. Most beautiful book you've bought?
Sticking with the same book, I think The Man Who Didn't Call has such a beautiful cover. It's simple but stands out and I don't think it's one I'll part with just yet! I do also love the cover of Tell Me A Secret Though.
The Man Who Didn't Call by Rosie Walsh book in the centre. Flowers to the right side, Essie silver nail polish to the left side
14. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?
Before I buy anymore, there are a few waiting for me including You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane, Pedigree Mum by Fiona Gibson and The Humans by Matt Haig.

Which book has impressed you the most so far this year? Let me know what you've been reading!

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Lady Writes said...

There's a couple on here I want to add to my list for holiday now! x

Sophie said...

So many great suggestions here! I picked up The Flat Share a couple of weeks ago and I can't wait to read it x


jennyinneverland said...

This is a fab tag! Although I don't think I've read enough this year to do it very well, I'm only averaging 2 books a month if I'm lucky!


Joy said...

I love this tag. So many suggestions to add to my TBR

teatimeandbooks said...

I read The Tattooist of Auschwitz last year when it came out and honestly, I think it was one of my favourite reads of last year!! I'm also really excited to get my hands on The Flatshare, but I've been trying to be really good and not buy many books until my TBR pile has gone down a bit!

I also read You Had Me At Hello a few years ago and I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would, it was a really quick read but surprisingly I was a little sad when it had finished because I wanted more!

I think I'm going to try and do this book tag on my blog at some point now! Thanks for sharing!x

Tiffany Timms said...

Really hope you do! Love getting stuck into a book on holiday xx

Tiffany Timms said...

I really need to pick The Flatshare up soon! I keep hearing amazing things about it xx

Tiffany Timms said...

That's still not bad at all Jenny! Some months I'm definitely slower than others with reading xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you Joy! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Haha I have quite a few books waiting to be read but then I just keep seeing more online. I'm so bad with buying them at the moment. Omg yes I feel exactly the same about You Had Me At Hello! I actually got through it really quickly and finished it yesterday evening, I felt so sad to say bye to the characters. I just wanted it to keep going! xx

Debbie said...

Loving this tag post, and I've wrote down a few books there I'd like to try x

BreakfastAtShelbys said...

Love this tag! I might have to give it a go! x

Heather Nixon said...

I completely forgot about this tag - I'll have to do it x

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you Debbie!

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