Wednesday 5 June 2019

My Favourite Blog Posts #4

A few years ago I started a new sort of series on my blog where every so often I'll go through and pick some of my favourite posts and re-share them. I've done this 3 times so far and it's been quite a while since #3 so I thought now was the right time to go through and pick some from the last year. I think with blogging it can be very easy to get down about your content and feel you don't compare to others, so I think going back over your old posts is such an important thing to do. It always makes me feel so proud of what I've achieved so far and I find it also always gives me the motivation to get writing again!
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5 Ways To Make Coming Home From Holiday A Bit Easier

I've really enjoyed writing about travel more over the last year or so and it's something I'm really hoping to keep up with from now on. One thing I always struggle with when it comes to holidays is coming home, like most people I'm sure. There have been times in the past though where coming back has really got me down and genuinely affected me for weeks. I do think this has always been around times my anxiety has been particularly bad so being away has felt like such an escape. I don't struggle quite as much with it now and I do think it's down to using the tips I mentioned in the post so I wanted to share those with anyone else who feels the same. Having a clean and tidy home ready to come back to, having plans for the following week to look forward to, having lots of photos to look back on, as well as a few other things massively helps.

Books I'd Like To See On The Big Screen

I honestly love writing about books. Whether it's a review, a haul, a tag or something like books I'd like to see on the big screen, it just always makes me feel so happy at the time. Sometimes when reading a book, you can just picture every single thing so clearly and it's like a movie playing out in your mind. I love it when that happens. And there have been so many books I've read over the last few years that I've just thought this has to be a movie one day. I listed 5 in the post so I'd love it if you gave it a read, let me know if you agree with any of them.

My Top 10 Hamilton Songs After Seeing The Show

I just adore writing about theatre. Seriously if someone would like to pay me to to go and see shows so I can blog about them, it would be greatly appreciated. Hamilton was a show George and I had both been desperate to see for a while so when the day finally arrived, it almost didn't seem real. It ended up blowing me away, I was a sobbing mess by the end, and surprisingly a lot of the songs I really enjoyed beforehand and the songs I wasn't too keen on, switched during the show. Afterwards I found myself thinking back to songs that before I used to skip on the soundtrack, so as I'd once put together my top 10 Hamilton songs, I thought it would be nice to re-write that post and share how and why some of my opinions had changed. It's one of my favourites to go back and read now as it just makes me think of being back there, watching it all over again. I think I might do something similar with Come From Away and Waitress next!

5 Films That Remind Me Of Being A Teenager

Something else I love writing about is films. I love nothing more than getting cosy on the sofa on a cold evening with a good film on the TV, and a load of snacks. It's just perfect. I like pretty much anything but sometimes I love to go back and watch some 'older' films, ones that always take me back to being a teenager. I listed quite a few in the post including Twilight, which I actually recently went back and watched again now all the films are on Netflix, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging which just never gets old and a few others. I'd love to know if any of them take you back to being younger aswell!

My Perfect Roast Potatoes Recipe

I'm so glad I've branched back out into food and recipe posts. My blog started out for that sole purpose really but over the years it's sorted of drifted into more beauty, then home, then travel and it's kind of just a bit of whatever I fancy now. Recently I've been creating some new meals though and I've really got my love for cooking back so that's meant, everything I've been making, I've wanted to share. Something we are literally obsessed with is roast potatoes so I thought it was about time I shared the recipe, they are literally heaven on a plate. Every time I see that recipe now on my blog, it just makes me want to cook more!

Come From Away at the Phoenix Theatre Review

Going back to theatre, I always like to write a review up afterwards, just for me to look back on really but also because it's not something I often see other people blogging about. I would personally love to see more content like this from others before booking shows. The reason this one stands out to me so much is because Come From Away really is such a special show. It's about the people who were stranded during 9/11 as their planes were diverted, and the town of Gander that took them all in. It's heartbreaking at times but overall such a heartwarming musical. The songs are incredible and the cast are insanely talented. It's just beautiful.

My White Chocolate Cookie Dough Buns Recipe

Another recipe I'm really proud of. Baking isn't something I do quite as much as I used to now but whenever I do, it still makes me just as happy. I've never really been able to get just simple cookies perfect but as we're massive fans of cookie dough, (the white chocolate and raspberry from Pizza Hut omg, why did it disappear) for a while I've been making cookie dough buns instead. They take such a short amount of time to make, they go lovely and crisp on the outside but stay gooey in the middle, and they are only even better when drizzled or filled with melted chocolate. This is one of those recipes I love to share over and over again on Twitter because everyone needs to make them!

Meet Bear

Surprise surprise, another post where I talk about Bear, but can you blame me? I couldn't not mention the post where I properly introduced him. Having a dog of our own is something I have literally longed for, I can't even tell you how long I've been waiting and my dream finally came true in April, with a little cavapoochon called Bear. He's just adorable. He melts my heart every single day and I still just can't believe he's ours. 

It might seem a bit self indulgent to share posts like this but I really do think it's important to give yourself credit and look at what you've achieved. My blog's changed a lot recently in terms of content but I'm just so happy with it. I've included links to each of the blog posts mentioned so I'd love it if you gave some of them a read if you haven't already.

Do you go back over your old blog posts?

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Heather Nixon said...

Any posts with dogs are going to be faves of mine x

jennyinneverland said...

I think I've probably read all of these! Obviously my one about Bear was my fave! x

Jenny //

R's Rue said...

Great post. Love it.

R's Rue said...

Great post. Love it.

Lady Writes said...

I really should do this too actually! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Haha me too Heather! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you Jenny, me too! x

Sophie said...

Love this post idea, it's so nice to look back and reflect sometimes. The cookie dough recipe sounds amazing but Meet Bear is (obviously) my favourite x


Joy said...

I loved the post about Bear :)

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