Monday 23 December 2019

Weekend Summary #31 - Our Second Wedding Anniversary, York Christmas Market & Winter Walks

It's finally time for my final blog post before Christmas and I'm not gonna lie, I'm genuinely incredibly sad that Christmas is just days away because that means it's almost all over for another year. I'm trying to soak it all up and just enjoy it while it's here as it's our first Christmas with Bear but there's no denying this month has flown by, I feel like I just blinked and now it's almost over, anyone else feel the same? I wanted my final post before I take a little break to be one of my weekend summaries as like I say in every single one, these are always my favourite posts to look back on and this weekend was actually packed pretty full for us.
The Shambles, York
So, let's start on Friday as that was actually George and I's second wedding anniversary! That's something else that has come round far quicker than I thought it would, in some ways it feels like we've been married forever and in other ways it feels like 2 minutes ago that we made it all official. It's scary how fast time seems to be going, though we've definitely packed a lot into the last few years. We've seen many, many, MANY musicals, had various weekends away, our first car, our first little family holiday and of course this year we brought home Bear who has just completed me. Last year we celebrated by seeing Hamilton in London - I still can't comprehend how that was a full year ago already, but this year we made a trip to one of our all time fave places, York, for the Christmas market. 
Selfie of George and I
York is a pretty festive place anyway and I love it no matter what time of year it is but man, they do Christmas well. The Christmas markets pretty much cover the whole centre, there are lights everywhere, several stunning Christmas trees and more food to try than you could possibly imagine. It's just such a beautiful place. We ate the most amazing sugar & cinnamon doughnuts, bought decadent brownies and tried a Baileys & Biscoff Hot Chocolate Freakshake which was seriously one of the best things I have ever tasted in my life. Unfortunately the weather wasn't fab whilst we were there but it doesn't matter, it was still the loveliest day. We ended the evening watching Love Actually too with a very sleepy pup which was just perfect.
collage - York Christmas markets, Clifford's Tower, Brownies, Hot Chocolate, Doughnuts
George and I holding champagne glasses in front of Christmas tree
Christmas tree with lights on and TV with Love Actually on
Saturday was a pretty chill day which was very much needed after Friday so it mainly involved a lot of Christmas prep, I'm feeling frazzled at the amount I have to do on Wednesday at the moment, but we did watch one of the classics The Santa Clause and of course, The Holiday. I even made some After Eight Brownies. Yep, I'm still not done with the brownie recipes! This one won't be up until after Christmas now but it's definitely a recipe I'll be going back to at several points throughout the year so not just strictly for Christmas. 
After Eight brownie held up in front of Christmas tree
Finally, on Sunday we took Bear for a brisk Winter walk after the huge Christmas food shop, which he thoroughly enjoyed. For some reason he wanted to jump on every bench we saw and he also got to sniff alllllll the dogs. We put him in his little Christmas jumper which at first I don't think he was too pleased about but he got over it, he looks like a little professor in it with his roll neck! Can't deal with this amount of cute. I'm definitely sad Autumn is over for another year but you know what, I am loving the cold. I'm really hoping we get some Snow over Christmas as it definitely feels cold enough outside but that might be wishful thinking. After a long soak in the bath with a new book (currently reading The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell, it's taking me a while to get my head around it!) I made a curry, started a little bit of prep for next year's blog posts and we settled down to watch Paddington, so the perfect end to the weekend. 
collage - Bear in the park
Trees in the park
I definitely think this will be one of those weekends I'll remember. It was cosy, festive and relaxed yet it felt like we managed to get so much done.

I suppose all that's left to say now is that I hope you have the most amazing Christmas however you spend it, I know for some people it's the best time of year and for others it's the hardest so I'm sending love to those who need it. I'm planning on taking a week or so off now (though I'll probably end up being back writing up a blog post by Friday) to try and fully soak these last few weeks of the year up. So much has happened in 2019 and I whilst I hoped for it, I never thought I'd be ending the year with a little dog of my own so now I'm going to go and give him lots of cuddles and snuggle him for as long as he'll let me. Merry Christmas!
Bear sat in front of Christmas tree
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Simply Avalon said...

Your dog is so cute! I'm so happy you and your husband had a great second wedding anniversary!

- Avalon from

Sophie said...

Happy anniversary! I hope the two of you had a great time at Hamilton! I was a little disappointed by York's Christmas Markets this year, it was pretty rainy when I was there too. Bear looks gorgeous in his little jumper. I hope the three of you had a lovely Christmas x


jennyinneverland said...

Bear looks TOO CUTE in his little Christmas jumper! I hope you had a lovely wedding anniversary too! x


Heather Nixon said...

I LOVE York, I need to visit again x

Michelle Christie said...

I love York, I'm going in February I can't wait to go back.

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