Thursday 19 July 2018

The Body Shop Bath Bombs Review

A while ago I noticed that The Body Shop had released a new range of bath bombs and I can't even tell you how happy that made me. That might seem a little weird, I just love a pamper night with a relaxing bath but the price of some of my favourite bath bombs just seemed to have increased over the last year or so I stopped buying them as often. I just can't justify spending £5 on something that's going to disappear in minutes. I'd been turning to Bomb Cosmetics which tend to be around £3 each but when I saw these were only £1/£1.50, I couldn't wait to pick up a few and see how they compared.
The Body Shop Bath Bombs Review
I only managed to pick two up last time I placed a little order but they do quite a few other scents too which I'm definitely going to look out for in future. This time I managed to get hold of the Candied Plum Bath Bomb and the Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble.

Candied Plum - Starting with the Candied Plum bath bomb, I was honestly so impressed. Though it's far smaller than usual bath bombs you might find, the impact in the water was pretty much the same I'd say. As soon as it the water, it started fizzing away releasing a beautiful purple colour. It didn't have any pretty patterns or any other colours emerging from it which I've found with other bath bombs in the past but the purple was beautiful and though it might not have picked up on it very well on the photo, the colour just intensified as it went on. It also had a beautiful sweet scent which filled the bathroom and it definitely didn't fizzle away quickly which I was happy about.
The Body Shop Bath Bombs Review
Pink Grapefruit - It's not often I use bubble bars anymore, I always tend to reach for bath bombs but I was really excited to see what this was like. As soon as I took it out of the packaging, the strong grapefruit scent hit me and like with the candied plum, it completely filled the bathroom. It was gorgeous! Grapefruit is one of my favourite ranges from The Body Shop anyway as it's just so refreshing. I held this under the tap and let it slowly break down and fill the tub with a lovely pastel pink. I ended up using this all in one bath but I definitely think I could have got another use out of it. This definitely didn't create the brightest colour ever but the pastel pink was so pretty. The scent alone is a winner for me but for the price you can't go wrong with this!
The Body Shop Bath Bombs Review
The Body Shop Bath Bombs Review
Overall I'm so impressed with the bath bombs I've tried so far from The Body Shop. The price is just brilliant, and whilst they are only small, I don't think you miss out on anything that you get with bigger and more expensive ones from other brands. I'm definitely going to pick more up next time as they're so handy to have in for a little pamper evening. I also think they make great stocking fillers for Christmas or as little extras to throw into someones birthday presents!

Have you tried any of the bath bombs from The Body Shop?

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