Thursday 21 September 2017

Why I'm A Little Addicted To Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my all time favourite things to go on and I spend more time on the app each day than I'd like to admit! I first signed up a few years ago and since then I've kind of just become a bit addicted to it. If you've never used Pinterest then it's basically another social media site, you can promote yourself on there so it's great for sharing blog posts but it can also just be used for fun and for 'pinning' all sorts of pretty things! You can set up boards on there so I have several, for example -  my dream home, recipes I want to try, quotes, my dream bakery and one all about getting married. I have loads and I just pin all sorts of images, wedding dresses, interior ideas and just things like that really. So I thought I'd do a little post all about Pinterest and just why I love it so much as I do spend so much time on there!

So Many Boards

 I briefly mentioned some of the boards I have at the beginning, but I literally have loads. I have something for everything and on there I can plan a wedding, find new meals for the week, envisage my dream home, and just so much more. I love pinning loads of wedding related things as there are so many beautiful pictures on there, even the stuff I know I won't be having and don't really want, I still loving pinning it! I also love sharing quotes on there. Sometimes I just find so many relatable ones on there and I go looking for ones on there to share on my other social media sometimes, especially if I'm having a down day or need to find something that expresses how I feel without going off on one. You can just find all sorts of pretty images and can literally plan your whole future in one place.

It Keeps Me Occupied

 I could spend hours and hours on Pinterest, once I start I can't stop. It really does keep my occupied and I just love spending that time on there searching for all sorts of different things rather than just scrolling through Instagram and Twitter over and over. I also love to go on it if I'm feeling a bit stressed or anxious, it really takes my mind off things and just keeps me busy for a while.

Can Connect With Other Bloggers 

It's generally just another social media platform so I love following other bloggers on there. It's only really in the last year or so that I've noticed other bloggers using it too and now I follow loads! I love seeing what images they share and pinning some of their stuff, it's just nice to build up a following on there too aswell as my other social media. If you do want to give me a follow, you can find me here and I promise I'll follow back!

It's A Place To Promote Blog Posts

 Following on from my last point, it's a brilliant place to share blog posts. Some people take it really seriously and have their pinterest as a business account, I'm not sure how to do that and I don't think I want to, but it really is an amazing platform for so many people. I have a board with my blog name and any blog posts I post are shared on there with the main image from the post. I'm also part of a few blogger groups on there aswell so I can share my latest posts that way too and other people can find me. I've not noticed loads of traffic to my blog from Pinterest but it's just nice to share stuff over there too and any one who sees one of my posts and comes over to my blog, is a bonus!

It's Not As Much Pressure As Other Social Media Platforms 

The main thing for me I suppose is that it just really doesn't feel as much pressure as my other social media does. I find with Twitter I get conscious of tweeting too many of my blog posts and it looking spammy and annoying. I feel pressure to tweet normal stuff everyday but I'm quite boring and don't have much to say, so it is a lot of pressure sometimes. With Instagram I feel like I need to post everyday otherwise I lose a ton of followers and it's definitely the one causing most stress for me at the moment! With Pinterest I know I can go on when I want and can pin what I want, no pressure at all. It's just really enjoyable and one I've loved for such a long time now.

So I'm just a bit addicted to it really and that's why! I'd love to know if you've got Pinterest and if you enjoy it aswell? I'm always looking for new people to follow too so leave me your link and I'll give you a follow.

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